Coping Skills For You and Your Child

parent and child yoga

Relaxation is a really powerful coping skill that can be implemented when the storms of life go into hyperdrive! Now, more than ever, since the Coronavirus has graced us with its presence, all parents out there are forced to relearn. You must arm yourself with new coping skills. I am here to help you upskill, so you can help your children to stay calm and create a sense of peace during these turbulent and uncertain times.

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How to avoid feeling blue on blue Monday

blue sky on blue Monday

Now it really is a test of mindset, as to how you view this so-called ‘Blue Monday’. The way you perceive life will ultimately have a knock-on effect on how you feel about ‘Blue Monday’. Is there really such a thing? Or is it simply a social media ploy to get people interacting and engaging in a ‘negative’ way to form a community of ‘glass half empty’ people?

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