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So it has been 12 weeks since I chose to temporarily close my clinic doors at Purple Freesia Integrated Therapies. I thought that now would be a good time to personally interact with all my present and future clients to touch base with you all! I sincerely hope that you have all been getting by, as best you can, in this situation.

I have truly missed being at my clinic fixing, rebalancing, and emotionally helping you all to wellness, and I cannot wait for the doors of Purple Freesia Integrated Therapies to be reopened. When will this be? In all fairness, I do not know at present. With government guidelines to date, it seems that gyms may be the last thing to reopen, given it is only non-essential shops that have been given the green light to reopen on the 15th of June.

Unfortunately, we will all have to just ‘BE’ and have patience. Just think how good it will be to see one another again. To be able to book my services again, whether it be for body realignment, hands-on healing, coaching, or Reflexology, we will see one another again as this shall pass!

On a positive to lockdown, I chose from the outstart to make it my mission to help you all from afar. I have built another website, to www.purplefreesia.co.uk to solely blog about mental health issues. This is my attempt to help my two hundred plus clients during what has been a very difficult time for many. If you have been, or are suffering currently, please do not ‘suffer in silence’. I implore you to grab a cuppa and go read some of my blogs at www.lynnesnook.com. I am confident that these will help you, and others you know, to balance one’s mental health during this pandemic. If you or a loved one are more receptive to ‘visual’ learning then please take a look at my YouTube channels – ‘Purple Freesia Integrated Therapies’ and ‘Lynne Snook Wellness Coach’. Both were set up to try and help you all, as best I can, from my home base during and post lockdown.

So what benefits will I see post lockdown?

My new YouTube channel ‘Purple Freesia Integrated Therapies’ will help many of you who are ‘visual’ learners, both now and post lockdown. The benefits of subscribing to this channel will far outweigh not doing so. I am planning to use this channel to show you all how to rehabilitate, from certain imbalances, so that you can access your rehabilitation exercises online. Of course, this can only be filmed once I am able to coordinate with my team, from a safe social distance. So please keep an eye out for this, coming to Purple Freesia Integrated Therapies YouTube channel, in the coming months.

Another benefit to you all is my other new YouTube channel ‘Lynne Snook Wellness coach’. During lockdown I have been working hard, every day, to create the website www.lynnesnook.com and this channel. This is for YOU all, with the sole purpose of focusing on mental health issues to help those who may be ‘suffering in silence’ and alone. I believe in striving to survive, so I am here unconditionally, to give you that helping hand and much-needed lift to keep yourself mentally sane.

Lockdown has also given me the much needed time to start writing a series of books. I hope to have finished a fair chunk of my first book before we come out of lockdown. So, you have this to look forward to. I am certain that my book will benefit those of you struggling with certain mental health issues, and relationships, in your lives given that my inspiration to write is to help all my clients.

Until we get to meet again in person, please do take care! Stay safe and abide by the social distancing rules as best you can, so we can all get back to normality as soon as possible!

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