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How I intend to make use of the longer days

In the early hours of March 25th, the clocks will go forward to mark the start of BST (British Summer Time). With the days getting longer, due to DST (Daylight Saving Time), in a bid to stop us wasting valuable hours of light in the summer months – how do you plan to use your extra hours of light?

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Teach your mind to help you achieve your goals

We all have to start somewhere with our goals, and this is usually as a seed, an idea. I personally tend to start the process by thinking about what I wish to achieve and then working back, to break it down into smaller incremental steps. The power of the mind is such that you can use its positivity to easily turn an idea, a goal, into fruition. I consciously train my mind for success, and I am forever reading on the matter to find the new trend/idea to do just this.

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5 ways to stop worrying so much

Worrying is such a futile exercise and yet we continue to do it, at each and every opportunity. Instead of focusing on ‘why’ we do it, because we are living in a society whereby we are conditioned to want bigger and better, I’d like you to focus on ways to stop the worrying. Here are the top 5 ways that I help myself to alleviate the worry in my life:

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Best Herbal remedies to aid sleep

Sometimes in this fast paced world, we opt for the ‘quick fix’, when our body spirals out of balance. We immediately call to make an appointment to see the G.P, when our sleep goes out the window or we don’t know what is causing our symptoms. We are innately programmed to do so.

What if I were to educate you to think a different way. To choose to stay away from synthetic medicine and stimulants, and to try some natural sleep aids instead.

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Digital Detox

Why having a Technology Detox could help you discover more ‘me’ time

Are we damaging our health with constant exposure to digital devices on a daily basis?

I find that we are living in a time where we are always on our devices. This includes me too.

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