Purple Freesia Massage

Massage – my complete guide

Did you know that your body is great at telling you what it needs, you only need to listen. It will even let you know when it needs a massage. Your body will indicate when it is tired, weary and full of tension but it cannot tell you what type of massage would be best.

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Social anxiety networking

How to network when you have social anxiety

Anxiety can be so debilitating. Those who have never suffered or endured the effects of anxiety will find it really hard to sympathise with those who do suffer. The symptoms can present and express themselves to varying degrees within each individual.

Some social anxiety is seen as normal and sometimes even helpful. For many though, social anxiety is an overwhelming fear of social situations, which commonly starts in teenage years.

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Continuously educate yourself – make it part of your life long learning

I truly believe in ‘life-long’ learning and practicing what I inherently believe is the right thing to do, when it comes to my client’s health and wellbeing. We must all endeavour to make a conscience effort to educate ourselves, when it comes to ‘practicing what we preach’ all the time. Continue reading “Continuously educate yourself – make it part of your life long learning”

5 questions I regularly get asked by my clients

I am an integrated therapist with many years of experience under my belt. Overtime, I have been asked many weird, wonderful and unusual questions, regarding my line of work and how I feel about certain aspects of it. Some are so commonly asked, that I have been able to recollect them and have put them down on paper for you to read.

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how to spot loneliness in others

Loneliness – How to spot the signs in others

In the UK today, we all live life in the fast lane. All of us are easily consumed by our perception of what life ‘should be’ and so we become oblivious to our lives plan and purpose. It becomes so tough at the top, that it is difficult to see the nose at the end of your face, let alone someone else’s loneliness and their lack of lust for life.

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