How a holiday with a friend is good for the mind and soul

Holiday in Turkey

I cannot press upon you enough, the need for a good mind and soul connection. How you think about yourself and your surroundings is ultimately how you will view your external world. If you are enjoying your life, your mind will be in a positive happy state and it will fill your soul with playful, joyous feelings and you will be a beacon, radiating light wherever you go! The opposite can also be true. If you think negative, useless and irrational thoughts, you will become closed down, hopeless and your soul may become dampened and heavy with fear.

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Why nature makes me healthier and happier


I am a firm believer that exposing oneself to nature, on a regular basis, has many benefits both mentally and physically. Have you ever come back from a walk or run in the woods feeling rejuvenated and refreshed? How did it make you feel? Better mood following your time in nature? I am the happiest outdoors, no matter what. Hot or cold, raining or glorious sunshine, as long as I am out in the elements my entire spirit is lifted.

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5 ways to feel less irritable

I know when I am agitated as I begin to feel uncomfortable within my surroundings. It takes a lot for me to get upset, as my tolerance levels are rather high. However, another sign that I am agitated is when I become easily upset or frustrated by another individual, by what they say or do.

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