Balls Good For Massage

Tennis balls for massage

With Wimbledon week in full swing, what better time to discuss balls and their use in a massage. As a therapist I love a good ball, or two. I use them a lot to help with my own personal rehabilitation and during times, like now with lockdown, when I cannot assist with releasing my client’s muscles. Let us look at the different types of balls out there and how they can be used by you, from the comfort of your own home to self-help aching muscles.

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Mindfulness For Beginners

mindfulness for beginners

From an early age, I can remember my mother teaching me to always, as best I can live in the ‘present’ moment, not the past nor the future. This is not easy I know and I have suffered a lot from living in the past post my mothers’ passing to cancer at age eighteen. Living in the past gets you nowhere but unfortunately, it is our brains ‘default’ setting.

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