Self love and anxiety

Anxiety and the power of self love

What is Self-Love? This is probably the hardest thing to master as an adult, how to take care of one’s own wellbeing and happiness,when we all live in a world
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5 ways to spread kindness

Easter has just past, but what a good time of year to reflect on a selfless act of giving all of yourself, even to death, to help all of humankind.
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working alone

Why working for yourself can make you feel lonely

It is a simple as this, I work by myself day in and out to build my own business. Being able to work from home gives me the opportunity to
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I am grateful

The meaning of gratitude

Appreciation is something that we are all familiar with and I believe that gratitude is a similar emotion to this.
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5 ways to feel less irritable

I know when I am agitated as I begin to feel uncomfortable within my surroundings. It takes a lot for me to get upset, as my tolerance levels are rather
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adult anxiety

Anxiety…how therapy can help

Most people will experience anxiety sometime in their life due to modern day living. Today I discuss what it is, presenting symptoms of anxiety and how Purple Freesia Integrated Therapies
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