PF Blog - massage for injury prevention

Massage For Injury Prevention

When you suffer an injury your first thoughts, if no broken bones, may well lead to ice, rest, compress and elevate the affected area. People have for ages seen massage therapy as an effective means to assist the recovery of some kind of injury.

PF Blog - mental health

How can massage help my mental health? 

On a personal note, I can honestly vouch for massage alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Both of which are very common mental health issues in todays’ rat race society!

PF Blog - reflexology for menopause

How can reflexology help with menopause?

Being a woman myself and seeing many of my friends experiencing the changes of menopause, we at Purple Freesia understand that this is a time for regeneration and transformation.

PF - sports massage for common injuries

Sports massage for common injuries and conditions 

In my world as an Integrated Therapist, I use Sports and Remedial massage techniques daily to aid in the relief of several common injuries and conditions. There are many injuries that Sports Massage can help with. Such as sprains, strains and muscle tears, to name a few.

PF - how can sports massage complement other therapies

How can sports massage complement other therapies?

Sports massage is so good for relieving muscle tension and to address many muscular injuries and or imbalances. It can be a great aid. It is used in a complementary role to other therapies such as physiotherapy and osteopathy. Sports massage can greatly increase recovery.

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