The importance of giving back

For me personally I have always been someone who instinctively ‘gives’, and this was apparent from such an early age. I have always been a kind of ‘Florence Nightingale’, character, helping anyone who crossed my path in life and needed some help; be it emotional, physical, mental, spiritual or financial.

Giving back is so important to me, it’s part of my essence, of who I am at a deeper soul level. I get so much joy from seeing others happy and fulfilled.

Be it helping within the scope of my family, within my local community or in my second home of Bali, there are no limits or boundaries to my ‘giving’. Its only myself and ‘you’ who can help to make changes within our world, never limit your potential to think big and act even bigger!

You don’t have to give ‘big’, just ‘give’ to help another. That may be your time, help, listening ear or simply using your creative gifts to make something for someone else. The simplest of gestures can mean the world to the right individual, especially when given at the right time. I give without any return reward for myself. I just know in my heart that I have been blessed to be able to selflessly help a fellow human being. What a gift in itself.

Giving back helps to keep me grounded, balanced, grateful, and at peace within, especially when living in such a fast paced society where most individuals aim for bigger and better.

So now I’m setting you a challenge to ‘give back’ to someone , once a week, for the next month and see how it develops you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I can promise, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain in personal development.

Let me know how you get on…

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