Reflexology For Migraines

Reflexology, for those of you who are unsure what it actually is, can be used to help a vast array of conditions. Here is a quick recap from other blogs I have written on this topic, to explain before I go on to discuss its use in helping migraine sufferers.

What is Reflexology?

It is a form of therapy which through the massage of the feet, with a specific focus on certain areas, aims to promote overall wellness in other areas of the body.

How does Reflexology work?

Reflexology works according to ‘reflex’ points. It is thought that the foot has ‘reflex’ points that correspond to various structures and organs of the body. For example, the tip of the big toe on the left foot corresponds to the brain’s left hemisphere. All organs, glands, and parts of the body have representing ‘reflexes’, points of contact, on the feet. By massaging and stimulating the reflexes, using specialised techniques, it will have a direct effect on the corresponding organ.

How common are migraines?

It is a common condition that affects around one in 5 women, and one in 15 men.

Women can have migraines linked to their period if so, they  will experience a monthly attack around the time of their expected period

What triggers a migraine?

Lots of different things may be associated with the onset of a migraine. Many report stress, menstruation, fatigue, certain foods, and drinks.

I believe stress contributes to my migraines, can Reflexology help with both of these?

Reflexology would be great for stress relief and to help those suffering from anxiety. Both of which may lead to tight neck muscles and in turn a migraine. So many health conditions actually stem from STRESS as the ‘root’ cause. If Reflexology can work to balance and destress the body then this alone is an effective therapy for anyone suffering from migraines

What can I do myself to help relieve my migraine, using Reflexology, in lockdown?

The easiest thing to do whilst we are in lockdown is to try to work on both of your big toes.

Start by massaging both feet to relax the foot for 3-5 minutes. For migraines in the temporal area or sides of your head, apply pressure to the inside surface of the large toe (where it lies naturally against the second toe)

  • Massage the point using your thumb to press and rub from side to side, starting at the tip of your large toe, working your way back towards the foot. At the base of the toe, pick up your thumb and place it back at the top of the toe and repeat the massaging action. Continue the massage for a minute or so to help relieve the migraine or headache.
  • Next, I would advise that you spend time massaging the liver reflex area. This is located on the top of the foot between the metatarsals for the large toe and the second toe – near to where the bones meet. Apply pressure to the depression between the bones for one minute.

For more information about reflexology, please read here.

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