5 things a reflexology massage therapist can tell (without you saying)

Over the years I have mastered the art of having ‘sensitive’ hands. I am able to detect imbalances within the feet I am presented with, and I work on those areas to release blockages of energy.

The restoration of energy free flowing to all parts of the body, in turn promotes the natural healing process, the “Relaxation Response”. Ones body releases chemicals and sends signals to slow down muscles and to increase blood flow to the brain. In this way, the body has an innate ability to heal itself, following bouts of stress and illness. I am never one to ‘treat’ problems, but I do treat people to help restore and maintain the bodies natural balance.

As a Reflexologist, your feet will speak volumes to myself. It is important to note that Reflexology is not a cure or medical treatment. However, I am able to interpret what is felt and seen; as our feet are a map to the health of our entire body.

Here are 5 things I often pick up on as a reflexologist:

  • You are Dehydrated – Kidney reflex – This may indicate a lack of water consumption and the need for hydration.
  • Your Sinuses are blocked: The tips of your toes relate to your sinuses and can indicate colds having been present and or are present.
  • You are on your period: Certain reflexes relating to menstruation may feel tense to massage or painful to you if you are ovulating or on your period.
  • You are feeling rather stressed: Under the ball of your foot, slightly off-centre will be a small pea shaped reflex area representing your adrenal glands. This part of the body is responsible for ‘fight or flight’ responses during times of danger. Tension and stress will cause this reflex to feel like a hard lump, and will be rather sensitive to manipulation and or focused massaging of the area.
  • You suffer with IBS: The Digestive system is represented by an area on the bottom of your foot between the ball of your foot and the heel. If this area feels tender and congested one would suspect IBS, and massage further reflexes to alleviate such.

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