Massage For Injury Prevention

When you suffer an injury your first thoughts, if no broken bones, may well lead to ice, rest, compress and elevate the affected area. People have for ages seen massage therapy as an effective means to assist the recovery of some kind of injury.

I know full well from my own personal injuries and as an Integrated therapist that Massage Therapy can have tremendous benefits for those who have suffered an injury.

However, I also know many thousands of clients to date whom are aware of that fact that Massage Therapy can equally be helpful in PREVENTING injuries from occurring at all. I practice what I preach and my body stays in full health by visiting a massage therapist myself, on a regular basis to prevent injuries from ever having a chance to occur. Touch wood! To date, no injures in at least two decades.

You may be thinking, as you read this, how do I use regular massage therapy of some sort to help prevent and safe guard me of any injuries? Well during a session you will have the following take place, which will ultimately aid in lowering the risk of injury:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduction in muscular pain
  • Identification and alleviation of any potential ‘problem’ areas.
  • Muscular relaxation

All of the above 5 points are the benefits one gains from regular massage therapy. I have to testify that for myself personally the one of the 5 above that aids me the most in decreasing my risk of injury has got to be the ‘relaxation’ element to it all. Relaxing is essential to your overall health and the more likely that you are able to reach a state of ‘zen’ or rather relaxation, then the easier it will be for the body to recuperate. Body recuperation ultimately leads to a decrease in injuries occurring.

If you would like to experience massage for injury prevention, then please get in touch to book an appointment.

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