Digital Detox

Why having a Technology Detox could help you discover more ‘me’ time

Are we damaging our health with constant exposure to digital devices on a daily basis?

I find that we are living in a time where we are always on our devices. This includes me too.

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Your healing touch – 5 practices to try yourself

We all have the capacity to call on God’s divine power to help heal with Healing Touch. It is used by individuals who wish to enhance wellness within themselves and has been both studied and documented for years. Is it your time to try your Healing Touch?

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‘Tis the season to run

Marathon season has well and truly started. The roads, parks, and lake trails are full of people training hard for potentially one of the longest races of their lives to date. The famous LONDON Marathon will be held this coming Sunday 23rd April. The long runs are completed and taper training is in full swing in readiness for the big day.

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The importance of giving back

For me personally I have always been someone who instinctively ‘gives’, and this was apparent from such an early age. I have always been a kind of ‘Florence Nightingale’, character, helping anyone who crossed my path in life and needed some help; be it emotional, physical, mental, spiritual or financial.

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