reset your fitness

How to reset your fitness if you’ve stopped seeing results

Since the age of eighteen I have always been into my fitness and wellbeing and over the years I have experienced one or two ‘plateau’ moments within my fitness regimes.  At times, even when my training had not changed at all, I stopped getting fitter and leaner and could no longer see progression. Immediately I knew I’d reached a ‘plateau’.

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neck and back pain at work

3 things to do to relieve neck and back pain at work

Society has changed dramatically over the past decade. We are sitting and standing for longer periods of time, and have boosted the use of technology considerably. This has led to an increase in the use of our bodies, in misalignment, which in turn has increased the amount of people suffering from both neck and back pain.

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muscle building

Muscle building mistakes most people make

We are all on a journey when it comes to health and fitness and it is a good one to be on. However, depending on your aspirations and goals, it can be a dangerous one. Many of us reading this may wish to build muscle mass to increase our fat burning capacity, but for some, in their relentless pursuit of more muscle, ‘doing more’ is not the key to their success. 

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vitamin supplements

5 supplements I would recommend and why?

What you decide to put into your body, really all depends on your individual goals at that time. If you are going for training strength gains, the supplements you focus on will differ greatly from those taken to calm stress, anxiety and to promote the health of your skin.

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holiday workouts

Workout tips for when you are travelling

When I am travelling around, even though I don’t have my ‘A-typical’ routine, I still don’t sacrifice my fitness regime. I always tend to factor in choices that are healthy, for every day that I am away on holiday or out of my normal routine.

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Purple Freesia Massage

What is this ‘lymph’ all about?

Ever wondered what lymph massage is and if it could be good for you? Well lymphatic drainage massage uses repetitive light strokes to activate the lymphatic system. It is a highly specialised massage, often referred to as the ‘detox’ massage that can help to keep your immune system in good working order.

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