What Is An Integrated Therapist?

integrated therapies

I often get asked the question ‘What is an integrated Therapist?’

To answer this, imagine you could go to a one-stop-shop to help alleviate any mental and physical ailments you may have. Suppose you were suffering with a skeletal issue within your neck, a lower back ache that is muscular, and dull in pain, whilst suffering daily with Insomnia. Well, I can help you with all of this. As an ‘Integrated Therapist’ I look at the body holistically, as I know that this achieves the best outcome in the least amount of time possible for my clients.

The best way to explain why Purple Freesia Integrated Therapies is different to other massage therapists is simply this. I do not only look for and fix muscle imbalances. I see ones’ body as a ‘Rubix cube’ where I have to align all the colours on each facet to completely fix and get the body and/or mind out of any trauma. I look to see why the body is in pain during an initial session.

The result? I help my clients to understand how they can become PAIN FREE and to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul!

Maybe you are reading this and suffering with your mental health and unsure of what you want from your life moving forwards? Well Purple Freesia Integrated Therapies can help you too, by using various life coaching tools and techniques to help you to become the best version of you! And to also help you to overcome any insomnia, anxiety or depression using life coaching tools alongside specialised nerve Reflexology (to name a few techniques).

Here at Purple Freesia Integrated Therapies, we are much more than massage therapists. We own a tool bag of different qualifications and techniques, which we use in a bespoke way, to aid you in overcoming any physical or mental health issues that you may currently be experiencing.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a bespoke way of overcoming any ailment or complaint at lynne@purplefreesia.co.uk

Looking forward to being able to listen, assess and to help you on your journey to full health and wellbeing in 2022!

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