How to keep motivated for the rest of the year

January is the month for feeling ‘miserable’. Its cold, wet, light levels are diminished upon ‘kick out’ from work, and all you want to do is hibernate. Even those people around you who you view as ‘hard workers’ retreat into a hibernation.

The body, mind and spirit may feel sluggish but the workload and pace of life doesn’t lessen. Its about now that a holiday may be the only thing you have to look forward to, however, there are still ways to push through until a break of some sort becomes available. I always advise my clients to relax, plan ahead, focus on goals and write (by hand) a ‘To do’ list.

Sustaining motivation is the KEY. Motivation comes from within, and can be tapped in to, if and when one chooses to do so. Staying motivated requires focus and kindness to yourself.

There are six things I do to keep motivated:

  1. I choose a goal to focus on and I visualise every detail in order to achieve it.
  2. Breaking down the goal into smaller incremental steps is the next stage. This allows me to chip away at my goal realistically. Setting small realistic steps and completing one at a time, helps my brain to release dopamine – a feel good chemical. This in turn limits any potential stress. I focus on one tiny step instead of feeling that I have an impossible amount to do, in a set time. Top tip: Stop trying to do everything all at once and complete projects in their entirety, this will be overwhelming and unnecessary.
  3. Ground yourself in your goal. Write a list of the ‘Whys’ and reasons for wanting to achieve your goal.
  4. Remember “It’s tough at the top” – Don’t give in and accept a situation. I can, I will and I am able to complete this. Be acceptant of change – Your path may be hindered and forced to change tact. Don’t see this as a failure, just another challenge in life to succeed. Always try one more time – you will reach the top!
  5. Avoid the Pity Party! Set backs, exhaustion will lead to such, don’t allow it. Plan ahead to deal with any lack of motivation. For me its my mothers battle with cancer – she fought a hard battle against her cancer and never would she admit defeat. This empowers me to carry on and be grateful even in hard times, after all stars do shine in the darkness.
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