Does reflexology really work and how?  

More and more people have heard about reflexology these days but many of you may be wondering does reflexology work. Reflexology can certainly help to relax the individual and relieve stress.

Touchpoint is a company based in Copenhagen, Denmark and they swear by it and can testify in their country that it does work. 

Here in the United Kingdom we have other rules and so here, we are told we are not allowed to diagnose and cannot claim that reflexology cures! My thoughts are this, come and try some high-end nerve reflexology with me and make your own mind up if it helps to alleviate any of your symptoms and to restore ‘rebalance’ your body’s health in full.

How does Reflexology work?

Apparently we do not know the exact mechanism. However, if you are interested in the latest up to date research on Reflexology and its capabilities to help the body to self-heal then go to

These are who I trained with too and are at the forefront of Reflexology studies and training. 

There are a number of theories out there as to how it works, best to self-research. However, it is widely thought that the nervous system plays a huge role. Pressing a point on certain areas of the foot will send a message to the brain and the corresponding part of the body to restore ‘balance’. At the same time any energy blockages will be released, same principle as Acupuncture. Reflexology does work to relieve stress. After all it is a relaxing therapy right? To have your feet massaged and pressed upon for up to sixty minutes, I’d be asleep and chilled for sure.

Why have Reflexology?

In this current climate, pre and post ‘lockdown’, Reflexology would be great for stress release and to help those suffering from anxiety. So many health conditions actually stem from STRESS as the ‘root’ cause. If Reflexology can work to balance and destress the body then this alone is an effective therapy for all! Any stress, left unchecked can weaken your immune system and your body. High levels of stress can affect both your energy levels and sleeping pattern.  Combined, high-stress levels for a sustained period of time will lead to some form of illness. Reflexology can and has helped my clients to avoid such body trauma and has been known to restore sleeping patterns and energy levels within 3-5 sessions.

Many come to see me with hormonal issues related to the menstrual cycle and the menopause. I also use Reflexology on those with unresolved chronic pain. I have helped countless women to work through the different stages of pregnancy. I would not say that Reflexology is a ‘miracle’ cure but it has had profound effects on my client’s health, and to restore balance, that the benefits of it cannot be denied. The proof is in the pudding, as my dear mother would have said. Why have it? To help restore balance, serenity, and health to your body. It must be worth a try if unable to sleep, in pain or out of kilter – you have nothing to lose! Only to potentially regain health balance.

Given our current lockdown and lack of truth being given out by our government. I would suggest you give it a go and make up your own mind. After all, we were not born to be ‘sheep’, we were born to lead as the unique human beings that we are – beautifully made to think for ourselves. I believe it had helped to restore balance, and to cure my own body before. Seeing is believing after all, for many, so to try it and see would be my best advice to you all reading this. I hope to see you all booking in for sessions post ‘lockdown’ as isolation will be having negative effects on your mind, body, and soul.

For further knowledge on how mental health will be affected during this time, and how to help self, check out my blogging site


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