How to practice self-care during isolation

In our daily routines, most of us say that we never have the time for any ‘self-care’, as we are always too busy with life. During this pandemic, being forced into lockdown isolation has been difficult for the masses, but what a positive time to start to put some self-care practices into place.

You can start them now so that when we come out on the other side, daily or weekly self-care practices will be a naturally integrated part of your life routine. So many people wait until they become sick, then they decide to take care of their mind, body, and soul with self-care. Do not wait for this to happen, be pro-active now. Learn how to eat right, exercise regularly, and reduce stress by taking time out when you need to, to save your health, and to be resilient.

There are many ways that I implement daily self-care into my routine, and I shall share these with you. One of my most recent practices came about when I invested further in another CGD product. I already use their daily diary, so I decided to try one to help during this pandemic, entitled ‘Getting stuff done’. I decided to use this during lockdown to keep some sort of routine as I am unable to work in my clinic, to help you all with any ailments, as it is inside a gym that is currently shut.

This ‘Getting stuff done’ diary has a daily section to write in your ‘self-care’ activity, so I cannot get away from thinking about this, or what exercise I have or will do, nor the amount of water I am consuming on a daily basis. It is a great companion to remind me to do these things, so I would highly recommend purchasing one from CGD. Especially for the ladies out there reading this who are happy to admit, their love and passion for to-do lists, and who run their homes like a military base camp! I’m with you ladies all the way! CGD will help you all!

My weekly self-care practices

Other than this diary to organise and make sure that I have daily and weekly self-care practices, these are a list of things that I do for myself:

  1. Sleep Sanctuary – I pride myself on creating the bedroom space that will allow me to get the best possible REM sleep. For this to happen it must have room-darkening curtains, to evade the beautiful sunshine from waking me up early doors in the peak of summertime. I always make it a technology-free zone for sleep time. In the evening, post-dinner, no TV, laptop, or phone to be used in the room. However, currently, in lockdown, this has been a bit difficult to keep to. I have been known to have my laptop in my bed to write.
  2. Endorphins & Energy – Daily exercise to get both of these, is a MUST for me.
  3. Eat fresh and healthy – I choose to eat non-processed foods for the majority, and I choose to cook from scratch on a daily basis so I know what is going into my body. Choose some self-care foods to consume on a daily basis like blueberries, broccoli, green leafy veggies, nuts, and oily fish.
  4. Stimulate & Educate – I love to treat myself to time with a book or a modern-day blog! Give your mind some time out from the mundane daily routine of watching TV or Netflix.
  5. Schedule self-care – For your mental wellbeing this must be seen as a priority, if you are not already doing this, especially whilst most of us are at home right now. Plan some time for you, be it 15 minutes, maybe you have to get up a little earlier each day it will be worth it. It is time for you after all! Create moments to perhaps ‘meditate’, to learn to ‘be’ with self, or to ponder the best ways to move forward in your life and keep you grounded. Come join me for 7 days of mindfulness at Purple Freesia. Or maybe it is as simple as scheduling a call with a friend to help you feel more connected and relaxed.

Whatever you decide to do for self-care, it is so important to make sure you choose to take care of self, mind, body, and soul, on a daily basis and not just when you get sick. Do this for you! It can be as simple as lighting a few candles for a warm long soak in the bath or starting a gratitude list. Stretching daily, or starting something new like baking, if you never have. You do not have to use self-care to busy yourself, you may choose to simplify your schedule as your new self-care regime at this time. Whatever you choose to do, it will not be wrong! Just keep doing it. Make it a habit now onwards to love and care for yourself long-term, to keep strong and well post lockdown and many years to come!

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