Foot massage

Providing a foot massage to a partner during this time of self-isolation could really help aid relaxation. It is time to introduce ‘self-care’ practices and will also allow you both to spend quality time together without any other distractions.

How do I give a foot massage on self, or a partner, during self-isolation?

  1. Firstly, start by soaking the feet in warm scented water for 5 minutes. Use essential oils if you have them at home, as using your senses will help the receiver to relax.
  2. Dry the feet using a pre-warmed towel.
  3. Get the receiver, or self, comfortable with feet supported. Massage one foot at a time. Keep the other wrapped in the warm towel.
  4. Rub into your hands, and then onto the entire foot, oil or lotion. Cover the foot to above the ankles.
  5. Warm up the foot you are working on by circling the foot and stretching it up and down.
  6. With one hand grasping the inside of the foot and the other on the outside of the foot,
  7. With one hand grasping the inside of the foot and the other on the outside of the foot, begin to squeeze the foot with both hands. Start at the toes and slowly work your way up to just above the ankles, and back down to the toes.
  8. ‘Do the twist’ – Use both hands to twist the foot in opposite directions along the entire length of the foot. Make sure one hand is on the inside of the foot and the other hand outside of the foot, ensuring maximum effect.
  9. Stoke the foot – Use the thumbs of both hands to do strokes on the bottom of the foot, along the entire length of it. Up and down for a few minutes, from the toes to the heel and back.
  10. Use the Reflexology chart (below), of the pressure ‘reflex’ points of the foot, to stimulate the following reflexes: Head, Suprarenal gland and sciatic nerve.

Foot massage chart

Continue the foot massage, by covering the foot you have worked on with the warm towel.

Carry out steps 1-10 on the other foot.

This sequence, with the selected ‘reflexes’ being stimulated, will promote a sense of calm, peace and a release of stress within the recipient.

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