Guided relaxation through meditation

Did you know that different moments in your daily life will evoke different emotions? Sometimes this can become so overwhelming, that you can find yourself at a loss as to what to do. This is where guided meditation can really help. Especially when you find yourself in a whirlwind vortex of spinning thoughts. This combined with a low mood really is an ‘unhealthy’ mix.

In the past, I too would experience such a ‘vortex’, and on a regular basis. The stress of cyclic thoughts and overwhelming emotions were slowly killing me. I did not know what I could do to help myself, or so I was led to believe. My time living in Indonesia, and having a Balinese family guiding me, became my saving grace. This was before I found my faith.

I was taught to live in the ‘present’ moment, not the past nor the future. I chose to actively learn how to get into the ‘moment’, using guided meditation. A knock-on effect of using meditation to get out of any mental ‘vortex’, is to gain full relaxation of mind, body, and soul.

Feeling irritated, agitated and frustrated? 

Guided meditation is the answer. It really can help you to feel the way you wish to feel. To calm the storm in your mind, to feel calm, happy and energetic. Are you ready to be in every moment of your day, and to do the best at every given opportunity? If so, then come with me and tap into the power from within, using meditation.

Guided meditation what is it?

It is the voice of an expert, like myself, used to help you to meditate effortlessly. To do so you need to sit quietly with your eyes closed and to let the voice, in the meditation, take over. They will guide you through about 10-20 minutes of meditation to relax your mind, to evoke ‘relaxation’ and a sense of peace from within.

When to meditate?

When you find your emotions taking a toll on our personal and work life, this is the time to take time out and ‘act’. Consciously make the time to meditate, and to take back the control of the ‘vortex’. You can do this!

If you are interested in learning more about guided meditation or experiencing a session, please get in touch.

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