9 things to be thankful for during social distancing

Humanity was not prepared for the coronavirus and this pandemic has affected the lives of all of us across the globe. Social distancing may be a hardship for some but there are a number of things you should be thankful for.

COVID-19 has impacted our daily lives with no normal routine to be able to follow. However, this is the time to stay positive, whilst continuing to do our best by one another. We must practice social distancing for as long as it is needed. Keeping distance from society will restrict what we once did but it is a necessary effort to control the spread of the virus and to save countless lives.

On reflection, as I do daily, it became apparent to me that there are many blessings to be thankful for to coronavirus. Yes, people are feeling isolated, fearful, panicked and overwhelmed, it is only natural. However, it is better to choose to focus on the good.

So here are my nine things to be thankful for during social distancing:

Selfless Service by essential workers.

Be thankful for all our health care service providers, police, army and all other essential workers. No words can ever say thank you enough for all they do. Leaving their families and risking their own health for the greater good of humanity.

Time for loved ones.

It is an opportunity to be with family or friends who you live with. Try to actually be with them and be present. When did you last spend so much quality time with your partner or kids?

Humanities way of coming together

It is clear to see the innate goodness of being human, coming out in random acts of kindness across our globe. Neighbours are helping one another, the youth are helping the elderly to not feel alone while they are social distancing. There is worldwide cooperation between society right now, and it is so joyful to see.


Think how blessed we all are that we can use technology; to be able to work from home and liaise with others online. In a bid to stay sane, keep calm and carry on!

Being more than doing time.

We have been forced to slow down and it has come at just the right time. Enabling so many of us to look at our current life situations. Having the time to reflect and assess what you truly want out of life. To practice the art of being and to meditate.


Time to focus on self and what is needed by your mind, body, and soul to stay balanced and well. To develop self-care practices now, that will become part of your daily routine. And importantly so, a part of you after the outbreak.

Spring season

To be truly thankful for the change in season during this pandemic. The good weather and lighter evenings are here during this uncertain time in the UK.

Appreciation of all around you.

Such blessings can be found in the smallest of things. Those small things now count to you, when you no longer have access to them on a daily basis. What small blessings can you remember to be grateful for now and post social distancing?

Earth’s revival

Nature has a chance to self-heal. This is the time, now, for nature’s revival, as we are all grounded and confined to our homes. This is giving our planet, the much needed, time to recover from all the pollution we create on a daily basis.

If you are feeling isolated during social distancing or feeling anxious during the outbreak and need someone to talk to, please get in touch.



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