How to declutter your mind

When your mind is in overdrive, racing at a hundred miles an hour, with lots of ‘to-dos’ rattling around your brain. Where do you begin?

Firstly you BREATHE! And think ‘BALANCE’

This is my own personal declutter acronym that works time and time again to keep my sanity, and super organisation going, day after day.

B reathe. Inhale, Pause, Exhale slowly and Repeat. Think how it feels.

A ssess your environment for ‘stressors’ and rid yourself of them as best you can.

L earn to let go – distinguish what thoughts are of value & discard the others. 

A lign yourself. Connect mind & body. 

N otice and write down any repetitive thoughts that are continuing to go round & round.

C lear your mind with relaxing music and candle light, if able.

E liminate from your life what is not truly necessary or important to you. 

Having had mental health issues in the past, due to failing to deal with the loss of my mother at a young age, I had to come up with my own healing and coping strategies.

Depression and anxiety tend to come hand in hand. Especially when you lose a loved one, unexpectedly or with warning, neither makes a difference. Both situations can leave you with a huge chasm in your life, heart and soul that must be addressed. But how many of us who have been in that position have done just that? I thought it would be good, if I started to share some of those with you along the way, and within my blogs.

I am human, I have suffered and I have come out a much stronger and ‘balanced’ individual and hence my acronym for keeping my mind healthy.

My BALANCE acronym is my way of decluttering, but you can try to declutter your mind with other simple actions. It’s the little things that can make a big difference, especially when used in combination.

Simple things like journaling your feelings, rethinking your sleep pattern and watching less TV, can all have a positive impact and contribution to decluttering your mind.

Many of my clients love to get out in nature to start my declutter BALANCEprogramme, as they say that its calming and easier to think clearly within the openness of nature. Choose a few things to try out, and see if they work for you.

If you are struggling, then please do not hesitate to contact me for some help by emailing me at

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