25 things you didn’t know about me

So I thought I would start 2019 with a little blog about me! Over the years, many of clients have got to know me but I’ve been lucky to welcome some new clients recently and wanted to share some unknown facts about Purple Freesia a.k.a Lynne Snook…

  1. I was born in Forest Gate and grew up in the East End of London
  2. At age 16, my best friend and mother was told she did not have a suspected hernia, and was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. I postponed the second year of my A levels to be able to be at home with my mother, to nurse her. Unfortunately I lost my mother on the 28thJuly 1997, 18 months on from the date of her diagnosis.
  3. My mother, Sandra Anne Snook is still my inspiration to this day! She taught me a lot during the time I nursed her, it was actually a lifetime of wisdom. My dad used to say that she still lives on in me and I believe this to be true.
  4. During my teenage years I was a really big girl, overweight and a focal point for the bullies in my secondary school. After my mother’s cancer diagnosis, I made a plan of action to lose all the weight and to be as fit and healthy as I could be. I reached a size 8-10 and went back to college to do my A levels within a year. Most of my original friends had gone on to universities around the UK, but a few who were still at Epping Forest College didn’t even recognise me for the new woman I had become.
  5. As a child I was overweight, shy and ashamed of whom I was. I did not have much self-love but losing my mother changed my perception of life, my future path and the way I saw the world.
  6. I feel I am well educated with a First Class Hons degree, and another … qualifications all relating to fixing the human body and to the health and fitness industry.
  7. The first time I went on a plane I was 19 years of age, I was both shy and timid and I have never looked back. Travelling has been a big part of my life ever since the age of 21!
  8. Bali, Indonesia set my heart and soul a blaze. I found my ‘second home’ in 2001 and I regularly go back, as much as life in the UK will allow. Bali is a spiritual home for me. A place where I feel at peace with myself and able to devote all of my time to the  further development and growth of my relationship with God 
  9. Scuba diving is another one of my passions. I discovered my love for it in 2001 whilst in Indonesia travelling and visiting Gili Trawangan, Lombok. I qualified as a Scuba diving instructor in the summer of 2004.
  10. I have extensively travelled Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. I was away from the UK for two consecutive years travelling and experiencing many different cultures of the world. In more recent years I have travelled and seen a lot of Europe.
  11. Whilst travelling in New Zealand I was chosen to take part in a reality TV show called ‘The Summit’ – lots of team and individual adventure challenges. Let’s just say I ended up on billboards and magazines after the show ended.
  12. I have a love for flat white coffee 
  13. Laughter is so important to me, I love to ‘belly’ laugh with friends as often as possible. For me it is simply a remedy and cure, all in one.
  14. I am known as ‘Snooki’ to my friends.
  15. Snowboarding, hot air ballooning, gliding, off-road rally driving and driving a Harley Davidson around Ayres’ rock in Alice Springs in Australia, are just a few of the experiences that have taught me lessons in life. They have all been huge blessings.
  16. Spinning classes are a part of me. I love to partake and to teach them. I have done so since I was 19 years of age.
  17. Friends truly are the ‘family’ I have chosen for myself. Both my parents have died, along with 12 Aunties and Uncles. Present day, there is just myself and my older brother left, so I take my time to trust in others, to give and to develop lifelong friendships. 
  18. I have designed and made my own sports clothing line in honour of my Dad who passed away to cancer, two years ago. I named it ‘Snooki Sportswear’. This can be seen and purchased at www.snookisportswear.com
  19. Dogs are my thing, opposed to house cats, but ultimately I love tigers and lions. Just a shame they don’t make good house pets!
  20. I believe in love, romance and finding your soulmate. Soul connections are everything to me, a way of feeling ‘complete’ and in unity with your partner. 
  21. Italy is a place I secretly love and I would like to see more of the country.
  22. I can speak Bahasa Indonesian.
  23. I teach a variety of fitness classes, Boxing, Spinning, TRX, HIIT, skipping, strength and metabolic resistance training and I am a qualified freelance PT with 20 years of experience.
  24. I am so passionate about helping others in discovering who they are, teaching them how to love themselves, from the inside out and how to set and apply good self-care intentions.
  25. I am on a mission to share my life story with others. All in the hopes that my good, bad and ugly stories will help others on their way through life’s tapestry. All the tests, challenges and struggles, along with the many victories.

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