How can I dissolve anxiety and depression naturally?

Having suffered both I can honestly say it’s a real battle and journey to heal naturally. It takes tenacity, patience and true kindness to self; but it can be done. I am living  and breathing proof of it and I wish to share my personal experience of how this can be achieved naturally with the world, or at the very least, anyone choosing to read my blogs.

Anxiety and depression can be so debilitating, at its worst, so anything to stop you going lower into the pit of despair is good – right? Should the first option be pills?

I do not agree, purely from my own personal experience. I do however believe that anti-depressants can serve a purpose and have their place in ones healing, if they are unable to function. However, anti-depressants are not to be the first port of call, in my humble opinion, irrespective of the doctor perhaps prescribing them to be used.

Taking a good hard look at yourself, life problems and perception of it is usually at the root (heart and soul) of the problem. People feel depressed for many reasons. They begin to see themselves as STUCK in life, as well as worthless. It is far too easy, especially living in a Western country, to look at what you don’t have, opposed to what you do. Focusing on all the good in your life keeps you mentally well, grounded and balanced. As soon as you start to look at your external world and all that others have compared to you, instantaneously you ignite the so called ‘stinking thinking’. This is dangerous and your thoughts can easily spiral out of control if they are not kicked into touch quite quickly.

I am currently in Bali for a Wedding. My Indonesian sister is a beautiful 26 year old who is getting married with the view to starting a family of her own very soon. Let’s look at my life situation in comparison. I am here visiting alone, even though I live with a loving partner, back in the UK, but there is no prospect of either marriage or children anytime soon. Both of which I really would like to have at this time in my life. Using my situation as an example, I can choose to be happy with what I have, allow my mind to compare to others and spiral negatively (as I don’t currently have what I’d like to have) or I can choose to leave my current relationship. Comparison to others will ALWAYS end badly, with respect to your own self esteem or mental health. It is not worth your mental health. Just for today, choose to be happy with what God has blessed you with. Life will appear to be sweeter, opposed to sour, (I can assure you of this!) when you have positive thinking as your solid foundation.

So back to the question: how does one dissolve anxiety and depression naturally. Well firstly, it is a choice to perceive your life/external world in a certain way.  One’s perception of things, can and does affect mental health. A natural cure to depression is to be grateful for all you have. Find the positives in your life, however small they may seem at the time. Make a list, and keep adding to it daily. Take a walk in nature, and ground yourself in the beauty of it around you. Look for the small blessings around you, and keep a balanced mind during all the situations you are faced with on a daily basis. Eat a balanced diet and add some exercise to the mix – keeping the black dog at bay.

Depression to myself and many others is seen as ‘the black dog’. If you are currently suffering reduce the size of that dog by trying what I have already suggested above. To get that dog to heal, simply stick to those suggestions on a daily basis and make them a part of your recovery journey for the rest of your life. Simple? No, it is not. In all honesty, I can say hand on heart from my personal experience it will not be easy to keep the dog at bay, but I am living proof that it can be done. Once my dog was under control, to keep well I had to work hard to continue to love my life, love myself and to choose to be happy (and you will have to too). It is not easy, but it is doable. Loving who you are and focusing on this opposed to what you look like, in comparison to others, will also keep you mentally well. Life is far too short and one can never truly compare to another as we are all made differently and are on different life paths.

Anxiety too can be very debilitating. I used to find myself going to bed really late to stop the arrival of the next day, as I was in fear of all what was yet to come. My perception was skewed and my belief system totally out of whack when my suffering was at its worst. The trick to calming the anxiety is to be acceptant and not to fight your feelings. Accept the shaking and then analyse the fear, you feel, by thinking out loud with respects to the logic of your fear at any given time. For example you may have a fear of others being sick around you on car journeys (known as emetophobia) and yourself. This is your fear. Now take that fear and analyse it. How many car journeys in the last year has someone ben sick or yourself? The answer will be sure to be none, perhaps once. If it is once then you can convince your mind that it is blowing the fear out of proportion and that the truth is that it is highly likely that no one, or yourself ,shall be sick on the car journey. This takes practice, time and effort but it works. The logical sense, thinking and reasoning has reduced my anxiety 100% to practically nothing.

If any of this resonates with you then I am more than happy to help you! We can speak online, phone or in person to see how I can help. This is something I am passionate about in my holistic health practice. Having suffered with both for years, I know your struggle, I DO! I keep well now and have reduced both to practically nothing! Please feel free to comment, or send me an email at Take the first step to being well, happy and living a loving life to the full.

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