Tips to boost your happiness

For me, Happiness is a choice, it is that simple…

I personally believe that one can choose to be happy and content with what one has at any given time, or sad and discontented by merely looking at what one does not have. It is, my readers, as simple as this. Now how to get to this point and or perception in your life may take practice, patience and time. But I can assure you it is such a precious gift to own once you learn to ‘choose’ to be happy.

So how do you boost your own happiness?

To start with you must analyse your thinking right now. Is it positive and kind to self or do you have the ‘stinking thinking’ mentality that is so often just soul destroying and destructive?

Once you have a baseline of where your happiness is, we can start to boost it. If from the outset you are a spunky positive soul then it can be very easy to boost your happiness. Try the following ideas:

  1. Do one thing a week that nourishes your soul – Is it perhaps time out? Yoga? A nature walk?
  2. Make time for and plan to see those positive influences in your life on a more regular basis – How about you meet a friend for a catch up? Or a cinema night out?
  3. Learn something new – Perhaps a new skill? Take the plunge as if it were into the deep blue sea. After all, we only ever get one life so make sure you live it right.

However, if on the other hand all you see, speak or hear is the negative then try the following suggestions to put you on the path to happiness and then you can ‘boost’ that happiness with the three suggestions above. The path to happiness can be found by looking at yourself in a different light. These tips may help you to do just that:

  1. Help/serve another person – You may just see how fortunate your life is and the things you can be grateful for in your life. Do a good deed to help, don’t mention it to anyone as this is not to get instant gratification but to develop your heart & soul connection.
  2. Keep a list of positives in your life – This will help you to learn to focus on what you have, not what you don’t have. It will show you where you really are in the huge scheme of the ether, and that life is good and for living happy not negatively.
  3. Serve at a homeless shelter – Even if it is just once, this will be sure to show you just how bad things really are, or not so, in your own life. I like to use this as a reality perception task of truth. Have a go! Let me know if it helped and your perception pre and post the shelter volunteering, to your own life. Go on I dare you!

Wherever you are on your journey to happiness, we can all do with a little boost now and then. In the daily grind of life it really is natural to have a low ebb, kind of ‘meh’ day (as I like to call them). Life would not be the same without them. See them as a positive. The ‘meh’ days are the benchmark so to speak so when you have an ‘awesome’ day you can distinguish between these and a ‘meh’ day, to appreciate the times that are blazing happy like the sun on a hot summers day. Hope I have helped in some way, as little as it may be, to guide you on your journey. Happy to hear how you all get on with trying these ideas to boost your own happiness – Happy boosting Readers!

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