Why having a Technology Detox could help you discover more ‘me’ time

Are we damaging our health with constant exposure to digital devices on a daily basis?

I find that we are living in a time where we are always on our devices. This includes me too.

However, my partner’s son is a prime example of this. For school, to learn and be used as an educational tool, technology is very useful. However, at all other times it constantly distracts my partner’s son from what he should be doing. This is to the point that it has negatively affected our home relationships. It is then not surprising for me to read the other day that 70% of 16-24 year olds prefer texting to talking with people.


What are the problems that arise as a result of too much digital input?

People instantly refer to having ‘text neck’, when their neck aches from too much gapping at their smartphones. Headaches are on the increase, as we use more technological devices on a daily hourly basis. Many people who I treat to restore balance, suffer sleep disruption. I frequently explain that the production of melatonin decreases and in turn negatively affects sleep quality. Digital overload can also decrease ones mental health. This is especially true for teenagers, who often dislike life as a result of comparing to others on social media.


What are the positives to having a Technology Detox?

Purely in disconnecting one will instantly ‘reconnect’ with family and friends. More time will be given to engaging ‘face to face’ and enable you to rebalance and live in the moment. Mindfulness, living in the moment, is an important tool to have in this fast paced world to stay mentally well. More ‘me’ time can be gained by using the time once spent on digital devices into a lost hobby.


5 things to do during a ‘Digital Detox’

  1. Be aware
  2. Make a list of all your devices
  3. Give yourself a ‘Daily Allowance’ of Technology and then be free of it to focus on the ‘real’ world. Plan 24 hours every weekend free from all Technology to try new things/hobbies.
  4. Sleep Soundly – Store all devices out of your bedroom and come off of all technology two hours prior to sleeping.
  5. Get into nature – This will decrease the stress hormone ‘Cortisol’

When I did my Technology detox I realized that my phone had scarily become a physical extension of myself. I needed to restore my mind, body and ‘me’ time balance. The result was amazing. My body thanked me for allowing it to ‘reboot’ itself, as I now sleep better and more soundly. I have instilled boundaries so that another Technology detox will not be necessary in the foreseeable future.

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