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Get your daily dose of Vitamin D

Many people I know have been diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency. I feel that more people will end up with such, if a greater awareness is not met.


My gym kit: The pieces of kit I swear by

I have been a part of the fitness industry for over 20 years now, and throughout the years I have always maintained that the ‘right’ trainers for the job, are the most important asset to have in my gym kit.

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5 ways to stop worrying so much

Worrying is such a futile exercise and yet we continue to do it, at each and every opportunity. Instead of focusing on ‘why’ we do it, because we are living in a society whereby we are conditioned to want bigger and better, I’d like you to focus on ways to stop the worrying. Here are …

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Your healing touch – 5 practices to try yourself

We all have the capacity to call on God’s divine power to help heal with Healing Touch. It is used by individuals who wish to enhance wellness within themselves and has been both studied and documented for years. Is it your time to try your Healing Touch?

Tips for staying positive

Positivity is a choice. It is about choosing to see all the good in life and having hope that things WILL get better.

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