British Summer – Make the best of it

Our weather is so unpredictable but right now we are in the middle of a heatwave! Gone are the days of experiencing four distinct seasons in the United Kingdom. Spring now consists of heatwaves and heavy down pours of rain and our summer is always hit and miss when it comes to the long hot summer days. Even if we have rainstorms or multi-coloured skies, you do not need to let that stop you from enjoying the great British summer. Just get your outdoor exposure and ensure that it is fun!

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Best Herbal remedies to aid sleep

woman sleeping

Sometimes in this fast paced world, we opt for the ‘quick fix’, when our body spirals out of balance. We immediately call to make an appointment to see the G.P, when our sleep goes out the window or we don’t know what is causing our symptoms. We are innately programmed to do so.

What if I were to educate you to think a different way. To choose to stay away from synthetic medicine and stimulants, and to try some natural sleep aids instead.

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