British Summer – Make the best of it

Our weather is so unpredictable but right now we are in the middle of a heatwave! Gone are the days of experiencing four distinct seasons in the United Kingdom. Spring now consists of heatwaves and heavy down pours of rain and our summer is always hit and miss when it comes to the long hot summer days. Even if we have rainstorms or multi-coloured skies, you do not need to let that stop you from enjoying the great British summer. Just get your outdoor exposure and ensure that it is fun!

I personally think of ways to get outdoors and be with nature during the summer months. The lighter evenings instantly motivate me to do more and to get more socialising time in. I try and do the following 5 things to be at one with myself and to get outdoors in summer.

I drive to my local nature reserve and go for a long walk, taking in all around me (mindfulness). I sometimes even sit under one of the trees on my walk, to just be or to do both this and read my book. I love to be spontaneous and have been known to randomly climb a tree, because I can and I wanted to. Try that tree yourself, what have you got to lose? Nothing, only the chance to access the child within.

I aim to make my summer fun. I go to my local playground, jump on the swings and see how high I can fly on the swing compared to the person with me (if not alone). Give it a go! I dare you to just have fun!

When my days are fully booked with clients and helping others, I still do not forget to help with my wellbeing. I will simply open a window and peer out at the sky, as I am experienced enough to know that any view that is filled with nature will give me a boost of wellbeing. Fling open that window, let the calm come to you!

Time allowing, I will head down the New Forest to my nearest beach. I love to go swimming in the sea, to be at one with the ocean in a sense.

Walking – I get out and walk. If this is not easy, and you need some motivation from someone, borrow a dog and take it for a stroll. Dogs are perfect for making you feel great, it’s a fact that owning a dog is good for your health.


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