Tips for staying positive

Positivity is a choice.

It is about choosing to see all the good in life and having hope that things WILL get better.

During certain moments in our lives, we have all focused on and seen only the hardships, struggles and pain. But that is not all that is there, or what we can see, and we must TRUST ourselves and BELIEVE that there is always good, even when it feels like the world has crapped all over you.

I know that if you are reading this, you will be able to relate to it as everyone is confronted with making a choice to either approach a life situation optimistically or with pessimism. Try focusing your energy on adding some optimism to your life, by integrating some of my top tips for staying positive:

Be Grateful for all that you currently have in your life. If you struggle with this then I suggest you make a list of all that is good/positive in your life.

Count your blessings, be thankful for all you have and when the negativity creeps in try to find the ‘silver’ lining. There will be one. Don’t allow the negative thoughts to creep in and stay.

Ask yourself – Does this really matter?

Attract and surround yourself with positive influences. People, who uplift your spirit, add positive vibes to self, believe in you/your dreams and make your spirit full. Think about those who get you down. Detach, let go and move on. Do not allow these negative influences to have a place in your life.

Listen to music that will put you in the same mood you envisage/ wish to be in. Music can hold memories for many of us and even take us back to a certain time/place in our lives. Choose wisely, the music that will only evoke past positive memories to brighten up your day. Music to me is magical, simple, yet so effective as a mood changer – Try it, I dare you!

‘Sharing is caring’ for your own mental wellbeing. Do not bottle up all your struggles; they become a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, leaving you in a negative place. Share hardships so you can re focus on the positive and encourage yourself to stay strong. Calling a friend, writing a journal to get it all out, or taking a walk in nature (whilst self talking) will help to keep the mental balance.

Increase the positivity of your home.Write/place quotes around the house to inspire. Make decorations out of your quotes in the form of a poster or garland on the walls. These instantaneously remind you, as you walk through the door, of how special you are. Choose to come home to a house that welcomes you with inspiration

Encourage others with their goals/aspirations. Giving out to others can increase ones happiness and attitude to life and the world around you.

Choose to eat healthy. This is proving to help balance the body, mind and soul. It will improve your mood from a stale lethargic state, to full of zest and a passion to ‘do’ anything!

Smile and practice positive affirmations. Change your mindset to see the world in a positive light. ‘I am’ is a good way to start your affirmations. One of my favourites is “I can, I will, I am” able to do anything!

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