Stay healthy on holiday

A recent study has shown that two weeks of inactivity is bad for your health, here is how you can take a break without taking time out from exercise.


Heading to the beach? This is the best environment to stay active and there are usually lots of options to keep you occupied. Shape up in the sea by swimming, sea kayaking or paddle boarding – all great for cardio exercise and burning calories. Surfing is also an option and is great for strengthening your shoulders, back and legs.

Trail Fitness

The countryside gives you endless options for keeping fit and active. Consider hiring bikes and riding the trails or alternatively invest in a local walking book and head off on a hike. Hiking is low-intensity and low-impact cardio.

Hill Training

Incline training whether that is hill hiking, riding or running is all fantastic for building your cardio and improving your lower-body strength and lung power. See if any of your fellow holidaymakers are interested in going for an all-day hike in the local countryside, you could make friends at the same time!

Daily Activity

Staying active throughout the day instead of lounging on the sun lounger all day is also a good way to stay healthy. Explore the sights by foot or bike and pedal around the town. If you’re on a cruise, don’t stick to the gym, many of the cruise liners now have a running/walking track around the boat so you can get your steps in between ports!

Bodyweight circuits

If your hotel doesn’t boast a gym or pool then you can squeeze a great workout in using your own bodyweight. Circuit training is a simple way to get an effective workout while on holiday. Choose 10 exercises such as press-ups, lunges, squats, tricep dips and use the hotel furniture as equipment – these are all good exercises to burn calories!

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