My gym kit: The pieces of kit I swear by

I have been a part of the fitness industry for over 20 years now, and throughout the years I have always maintained that the ‘right’ trainers for the job, are the most important asset to have in my gym kit.

Trainers are the base of your kit bag. When you teach 20 plus classes a week, your trainers become your body armour, an essential part to your comfort and cushioning, whilst hosting classes or assisting with client workouts. The type of classes I am teaching, at any point in my fitness career, will determine the trainers I will purchase. Since the New Year, I host more HIIT functional training and cardio-heavy workouts, so I needed to purchase a trainer with good durability, an outstanding cushioning system and one that offered style in the gym. I opted for a pair of Women’s Nike training shoes.

Next up for all women is a good sports bra. A women who trains, irrespective of cup size, cannot neglect the sports bra – an essential part to their workout wardrobe. Following on from shoe comfort, no one wishes to be in pain whilst taking part in a physical workout so spending the time and money to choose the right sports bra will add total comfort. The type of bra one buys will be dependent on cup size, and the type of workout in which it will be used.

The clothing you choose to wear is the next essential. I personally like to choose clothes that allow me to move freely at the core, give me comfort and a sense of ‘body confidence’. The leggings I choose are always a close fit to the skin, giving support to my lower body and core. If I feel ‘held in’, I feel both supported and safe. This instantly increases my confidence in the gym, irrespective of my body shape and size. Why not check out my own line of sports kits – Snooki Sportswear! Same for Men who train, their clothes need to fit in all the right places. A training top, most functional for a man, would give a snug skin fit in the upper torso area and more flexibility in movement around the core area, to maximise their training. The lower torso would benefit the most from a good pair of shorts. One that sits well upon the waistline, gives comfort and the freedom to move freely in the legs. Plenty of legroom is key here for multifunctional/planar training as well as the ability to hit the cardio aspect of training hard and in comfort.

At any given time my kit bag is packed to hold the right gear and kit to train the pre-planned workout. For cardio I always take my light-weight, comfortable, supportive running shoes with air cushioning to protect my feet. For strength training I make sure that as well as comfortable gym trainers, I pack a sports bra that will allow the full range of movement and training gloves to protect my hands from developing calluses, whilst lifting and using weights. They must have good palm padding and allow a good grip. For swimming to help my cardiovascular strength, and increase my range of motion, I pack a good durable swimsuit. I recently purchased a Women’s Speedo suit and Speedo futura biofuse goggles to ensure the protection of my eyes whilst training.

I hope this blog helps. I can remember starting a healthier lifestyle over 20 years ago and never looked back. I can clearly remember not knowing what to buy or what to use. I have come to realise that it is an individual journey, but the tips above will help you along the way. Enjoy the exploration for your new gym kit. It is a never ending journey, even for myself, as fitness trends are always evolving, as is the science behind it all. Enjoy the ride!

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