How to change your relationship with time

Today I’m going to discuss how you can change the relationship you have with time to decrease your stress levels and improve your wellbeing.

10 time essentials to improving your health and wellbeing:

  • Daily planning & Review – Prior to bed think about the next day’s events, ‘What has to be achieved for the day to contribute to your progress?’
  • Develop an ‘Important vs Urgent’ tactic. To plan more effectively for tomorrow, ask certain questions: ‘Will this activity help my health, wellbeing or both? ‘Will this activity help me keep balanced or add unnecessary stress to my day? Answering these questions will give you a daily plan of items to be accomplished the next day.
  • Prioritise your top 3 actions, work on them in order, until completed, repeat! This will give you a sense of success & satisfaction, whilst reducing stress levels.
  • One of your “working on” daily habits should be devoting regular time slots to “getting ‘balanced’ and “keeping fit and healthy”.
  • Pro-active procrastination – Are there well defined goals for your own health and wellbeing both short, medium & long term? Create a detailed action plan that will deliver in a kind and gentle manner.
  • To get better use of your time use ‘The 4 Things Exercise’ – Things…. I will do more of, I will do less of, I will start doing and I will stop doing.
  • Have well defined health & wellbeing goals for the next 3 months with a detailed action plan that will, once completed, achieve your goals.
  • Make the decision not to partake in the activities that will hinder your progress towards your health and wellbeing goals – curtail those cheeky ‘binge’ sessions at the weekends or take outs.
  • Identify who are your time bandits, or time vampires. Understand the value of 1 hour of your time – what is it worth to you and your future health and wellbeing? This will ensure that you have the motivation to get better at this whole subject of getting ‘more’ done.
  • Be kind to yourself, make changes in bite size pieces.

To be successful with your time, one must take a PROACTIVE approach to getting more done, otherwise, it is inevitable that other people, their agenda’s and circumstances will determine what ‘one’ spends their time doing.

I can, I will and I am able to change the way I manage my time to improve my health and wellbeing, is a great mantra to moving forward positively. I challenge you to try!

If you need any help achieving the above, then please contact me to have a chat and discuss more tips that might help you.

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