Can Reflexology Help With Anxiety?

PF Blog - Can Reflexology Help With Anxiety

Whenever the body is out of ‘balance’ it can be due to an imbalance in the ‘mind, body, soul’ connection or the fact that the eight body systems are out of kilter. At times our body systems can be out of whack due to stress and trauma. As a result they can cause us to feel ‘anxious’ and not sure of ‘self’.

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How to network when you have social anxiety

Social anxiety networking

Anxiety can be so debilitating. Those who have never suffered or endured the effects of anxiety will find it really hard to sympathise with those who do suffer. The symptoms can present and express themselves to varying degrees within each individual.

Some social anxiety is seen as normal and sometimes even helpful. For many though, social anxiety is an overwhelming fear of social situations, which commonly starts in teenage years.

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