Back to school: My tips to get through this week

Being methodical can be so very helpful in life and this week will be one of those weeks when you will need to be prepped, planned and on the ball as a parent, to help your child. Your child themselves may be feeling both overwhelmed and anxious – do not worry this is pretty ‘normal’ and they will not be alone in feeling this way!

Going back to school doesn’t have to be a horrendous nightmare; it can be a pleasant experience. The way you choose to view a situation will ultimately determine how you feel about it. So try to encourage your child to look at going back to school as an adventure, a new chapter in their life and then help them to formulate a plan on how to feel calmer with the transition back to school.

My top tips on how to get on track are as follows:

Resume a routine– Everyone needs structure at times. With summer sleeping, 6 weeks off without potentially setting an alarm and lay-ins, it would be wise to reintroduce a good sleeping regime a few days before school starts. Resetting both your children’s body clock and your own, will help to alleviate any potential anxiety caused from a lack of sleep and recuperation.

Make a ‘To do List’– Bullet point everything that will be needed for the first day back, for both yourself and your children, including timings. Preparation is key to feeling less anxious and to negate transferring any anxiety you may be having onto your children.

Be yourself– Remind your child that being both friendly and confident on their first day will help them, whilst remembering that everyone in their class will be going through similar changes and feelings.

Give reassurance –Take time to talk to your child, to ask them how they are feeling about their first day back at school. Explain to them that to feel nervous is perfectly ‘normal’ and that the feelings they are experiencing will pass. You will be eagerly waiting to see them after school, to hear all about their day and to share a treat with them.

 Involve them– Share time with your child, and use it as a chance to discuss all the up and coming aspects of the school year ahead. Plan the buying of the new school uniform and stationary as a ‘day trip’, to include a treat meal, which will get them excited.

If you or your child are feeling uneasy about getting back to school, then try the tips above and focus on some of the good things to come; like catching up with old mates and making new friendships to boost you positively through the first week!


Now that the children are back to school, book some ‘me-time’ in with me and have a relaxing massage or reflexology treatment.

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