Conditions treated by reflexology

Reflexology can be used to promote wellness in other parts of the body. The foot has many ‘reflex’ points that directly relate to organs and other structures of the body.

Reflexology, if you do not already know, can be described as a specialised foot massage used to treat a wide range of imbalances within the body.

Many of my clients use this therapeutic treatment to help alleviate any stress they may be holding onto, and to aid their sleep. Those suffering from tension headaches can also benefit from reflexology. It can be used to stimulate certain points on the foot, like the head reflex, which in turn will help to release the occipitals in the back of the head. The culprit muscle insertion point for most migraines and tension headaches.

Reflexology is used, by myself, to aid and help improve insomnia. I use nerve reflexology alongside a specialised neck, shoulder and head massage to alleviate the symptoms of insomnia. As an ‘add on’ I use my life coaching skills to help my clients to find the right tools to overcome this debilitating condition. I too have had the unfortunate crossing of paths with insomnia, which lasted nearly a year and at times the suffering was unbearable. I personally found a way to overcome insomnia. I love sharing this with my clients as I literally understand the pain you will be feeling emotionally from a lack of sleep over a period of time.

Clients come to see me to help with a huge variety of issues such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, hormonal imbalances and other digestive disorders such as IBS. The techniques I use on the foot can help to release tension, promote relaxation, and to enhance sleep, therefore aiding conditions such as insomnia, migraines, tension headaches, and an overactive mind.

Clients often report that my reflexology sessions help to calm their emotions and to alleviate their symptoms of anxiety and depression. I am very conscious of using my hands-on healing treatment, alongside reflexology techniques, to bring about serenity to the mind. This always helps to elevate one’s mood. This is all in response to restoring the body’s balance and harmony. Reflexology has the ability to stimulate the nervous system which in turn will help your body to increase its energy levels. This will help to clear other conditions aligned with an imbalance within the nervous system, such as sleep-related issues like insomnia and urinary tract infections. Menstrual issues and reproductive system problems, like PCSO, are sensitive to stress. To combat this stress, by balancing the nervous system, I will use certain reflexology techniques to get a client on the right road of recovery for their body.

I treat my clients as a whole, as I wish to create balance within the body in order to help it to heal itself. This, in turn, will increase a persons’ wellbeing, especially when they are suffering from a condition that affects them mentally or physically. Reflexology is like a dripping tap, over time, with a continued course of treatment you can create a sense of inner calm. This will enable the sufferer to attain all their physical, mental and spiritual goals a lot easier than without the therapy. I practice in a certain way to acknowledge the whole ‘being’ and to treat this, as opposed to the presenting symptoms they describe they are experiencing.

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