Insomnia Treatment Hero


85-minute treatment ~ £85.00

When your mind is busy and full of thoughts, your everyday activities can be affected, performance can suffer and your sleep routine is non-existent. 

During this treatment you will experience a 25 minute neck and head massage with a 60 minute specialised reflexology session to help ease you back to a good sleep pattern.        

Relaxing your mind can help ease stress, relieve anxiety, depression and sleep problems but sometime we all need help to get into this relaxed state. My Insomnia treatment, will help you do just that. During the 75-minute treatment, I combine both reflexology and a relaxing massage to help you calm down, breathe more deeply and feel at ease. 

I also use this treatment time to understand if my client has other worries that may be affecting their sleep routine and I provide advice where possible to help them create a more welcoming sleep environment.

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