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Being a ‘balanced’ individual does not come easily at the best of times. Let alone having to deal with the ‘external pressures’ of work, which will challenge you on a daily basis. We all spend a considerable amount of time at our workplaces, so it makes sense to develop a program for ‘wellness’, especially if one does not already exist at work for you!

Keeping ‘well’ is so important to me both at home and in the workplace. I am a real advocate who loves to implement wellness initiatives within companies, to help reduce work place stress. This ultimately results in the maintenance of an individual employees ‘optimum’ health.

Why a Wellness initiative at work?

Did you know that your work productivity could be increased if your working environment is at its optimum? Also you will engage more as a result of working within a healthy workplace. Workplace wellness programs are a must in my eyes, as it will help individuals to feel good, in all areas of life, especially at work. If a company employs you, take a look to see if they have a program in place. If not ask why not, as these days the signs of a top employer will inevitably be attributed to by the quality of their workplace wellness program. Giving back to your employees is a sure sign, whether a big or small business, that you value your staff, their health and wellbeing and would want them to benefit from a well thought out wellness initiative at work.

What can you do to increase wellness at your work place?

Do you want to set up some workplace challenges? It can be to add some fun to the office and, at the same time, to promote healthy lifestyles within your working environment.

Consider monthly fitness and water challenges to promote physical exercise and daily hydration as a ‘core component’ of your company’s health and wellbeing policy. This will see an increase in motivational levels, interactions between staff members (to aid in mental health) and an increase in productivity for the company, and wellness levels for the individuals. I have been into schools and set up challenges within the departments. Termly challenges that all can partake in, like who can drink the most water collectively in a 6-7 week time frame, and which department will take part in the most after school workout activities (as a team) for the same time period. Tracking progress to see which department would win the ‘health-related’ prize.

What can I do to help you?

I love all things health and wellbeing. And so if your workplace, doesn’t have a ‘wellness initiative, already in place, then do not hesitate to contact me for help on its implementation. I can offer a range of ‘bespoke’ wellness programs for employees to take part in, during lunch and after working hours, such as meditation, Reflexology with a friend and healing massages.

I am happy to contact your employer and to ask if it would be something they would see as beneficial for their workforce. If this blog has lit a fire in your belly and you would be interested in helping me to make ‘wellness’ possible within your place of work then please email me. I look forward to hearing from you all!

Take the first steps to wellness within your workplace and help me to help you! Only as a combined force will change come about for you at work, if you don’t already have an initiative in place.

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