How a holiday with a friend is good for the mind and soul

I cannot press upon you enough, the need for a good mind and soul connection. How you think about yourself and your surroundings is ultimately how you will view your external world. If you are enjoying your life, your mind will be in a positive happy state and it will fill your soul with playful, joyous feelings and you will be a beacon, radiating light wherever you go! The opposite can also be true. If you think negative, useless and irrational thoughts, you will become closed down, hopeless and your soul may become dampened and heavy with fear.

Sometimes in life you can feel radiant or fearful as the storms, or rather challenges of life, hit you head on! I have learnt over the years that you have to accept and deal with every situation with a ‘response’, and not a ‘reaction’, to stay both balanced and ultimately well. Failing this approach to plan and go on holiday with a good friend would be my next best piece of advice for keeping your mind happy and to nourish your soul.

Lynne and Monique

This year I entered my 40thyear, blessed to be alive and well. I decided that with the expansion of Purple freesia Integrated Therapies, and with a chaotic home life, that I would go on holiday with friends. The ones who love me and accept me for me, the ones who will tolerate and laugh at me in any given situation. In the end only one had the availability to come and spend quality fun filled ‘adult’ only time with me in Turgutreis, Turkey.

It is so good to replenish ones soul by feeding it with the things we love and cherish. I always choose to be ‘mindful’ and ‘present’, as best I can, within any given moment of my life. I totally embraced my time with my good friend, Monique. We had a week to be totally transparent with one another, to be at peace, and to laugh as loud and as much as we wanted (when we wanted). Such therapy for the soul, I would highly recommend it.

By day we spent our time reading, losing ourselves in fantasy and fiction to escape reality, and chatting to share our thoughts on each of our lives. This gave both of us the time to ‘switch’ off and ‘heal’ from the everyday dramas of our lives, back home in the UK. By night we embraced nature, by walking along the beach front, soaking up all sunsets, before sitting down to delightful dinners and many exotic drinks.

Mental health is so important these days, as we live in a world of so much stress and uncertainty. Keeping your mind ‘balanced’ would be a wise thing to do! If you do not have a good self-care programme in place, I would highly recommend implementing a ‘daily declutter’ to help keep your thoughts balanced and more of the positive, than the negative. Simply planning some time with a friend, to talk over a cuppa, is a really good way of keeping your wellbeing and mental health ‘balanced’. Also by reading my self-care blog and others, along the theme of mental wellbeing and health, will help you too.

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