My view on crystals and why I use them in my treatments

I love crystals as they have an ability to connect us to the Earth. They are formed within the Earth, and give off vibrations to connect us with the Earth. I believe that crystals pick up on each and every person’s unique vibrational energy, and that the crystals enhance the vibes, positive or negative, that the individual is cultivating.

Clear Quartz crystal is one of my favourite crystals, given its natural beauty, and being around since the advent of time. Ancient civilisations used this energy-harnessing object as protective talismans and peace offerings, and yet today we use it more for technology. Did you know that quartz comes from, and makes up about 12% of the Earths’ crust, and is also harvested for use within time keeping devices?

Why do Crystal work?

I cannot give a reason that is sound, however, it was Albert Einstein who said that all in life vibrates. And so your thoughts match the vibrations of everything that manifests in your life. Basically what your mind believes your crystals will amplify for you! It is as simple as this. If you believe that crystals can heal then the crystals will amplify those thoughts.

Why do I use crystals?

Crystals help me to focus and reconnect to nature. They allow me to quieten down the chatter of my mind, thus allowing me to reconnect to the healing vibrations of the Earth. I have learnt much from using crystals, such as patience and ‘being’ still. Crystals take eons of time to form and transform themselves into the beauty that they are, and at the same time it has taken me time and patience to harness the healing power of these crystals. Working with crystals I am forever evolving and transforming myself, which is one reason I use them. Also they are a tangible reminder to be grateful for what nature has to offer, to use them to heal others, and to enjoy the sheer beauty of what God has created for us all to access and use with unconditional love.

How I use them in my treatments?

I use crystals during my ‘hands on healing’ sessions to help amplify energy work and to identify any areas of healing. I believe that when you work with crystals, you have to set your intentions from the out start. In essence giving your crystal a purpose! A crystal with a job, works wonders in the world of healing I can assure you. You have to almost guide, or tell, your crystal what you would like it to do for you. A part of this is to program your crystal. If, for example, I am vibrating at a lower frequency then as soon as I hold and reconnect with my crystal, it will help me to channel and remember the goals I had previously set. Usually this ‘default setting’ is to channel ‘healing’ from me. Therefore aligning the crystals will amplify Gods healing energy, through me, and in effect give limitless potential when I am working with those clients who are ‘unbalanced’ and struggling emotionally.

I love and promote the use of crystals within my everyday life and would encourage you to do the same. If you decide to purchase some crystals, the programming of them are simple. The priority must be to cleanse your crystal first. You can do this as easily as placing your crystal out under the light of the sun or in the full moon for at least 4 hours. If you are not ready to try crystals for yourself then you could always try them with one of my treatments, to start you on your crystal-healing journey.

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