I am a firm believer that exposing oneself to nature, on a regular basis, has many benefits both mentally and physically. Have you ever come back from a walk or run in the woods feeling rejuvenated and refreshed? How did it make you feel? Better mood following your time in nature? I am the happiest outdoors, no matter what. Hot or cold, raining or glorious sunshine, as long as I am out in the elements my entire spirit is lifted.

These days many people choose to spend their ‘free time’ in front of their phones, on either Facebook or Instagram. This does not help to find your ‘balance’. Getting outside will create a ‘harmony’, as you take a moment for yourself, to enjoy what nature has to offer. I love the fact, that if you try this and get outdoors, your mood will be boosted to a heightened state of well-being!

Nature can bring joy into peoples’ lives, and so the reason why we should all make the choice to embrace it, at any given opportunity.

Nature brings with it:

  • Its’ beauty
  • Its sense of deep calm and relaxation
  • The ability to give you a sense of self

I personally feel that we inherently love nature as humans, because we have evolved in it. It is part of our DNA, our genetic make-up. Nature can make us look outside ourselves and into our environment, to realise that there is nothing wrong with you. Whatever you see in the mirror, you don’t have to look at it and develop your sense of self from it. Instead focus outside yourself, using nature as a focal point.

Nature always has a way of calling me back to reality. Whenever I have had a period of stress and/or mental imbalance, I have taken myself out for a walk in the forest to surrender myself to nature. This is turn creates a sense of relief and peace within me on a soul level. You cannot stop the rain, when it pours down, as much as you cannot stop the sun from setting. A lack of control is a lesson in life, and accepting this will allow you to ‘let go’ and focus on what you have and all the joy from this, and not on what you do not have. Nature has natural healing properties and I think everyone needs to make time for it, as part of their healthy lifestyle.

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