5 ways to feel less irritable

I know when I am agitated as I begin to feel uncomfortable within my surroundings. It takes a lot for me to get upset, as my tolerance levels are rather high. However, another sign that I am agitated is when I become easily upset or frustrated by another individual, by what they say or do.

This is not atypical, given my unusually high tolerance levels, but it can present itself in response to both an unexpected, highly stressful situation. I have come to realise that there are different types of irritability, which occur dependant on its source. You can learn what to do to reduce it, once you are able to ascertain its origin. 

For myself, someone coming into close proximity with me unexpectedly can unnerve me, causing feelings of unnecessary pressure which in turn can trigger my anxiety. When I am feeling really run down and vulnerable, it is best that I am not around others, and keep myself to myself. This helps me to avoid becoming more irritable around those I care a lot about. If I surround myself with people during these irritable times then I end up feeling even more stress. I may end up saying something I know I shouldn’t, and then regretting the things I’ve said to the person I care about when I am finding it hard to control my irritability.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. If like me you are susceptible to becoming irritated then I can help. Honestly I say this from experience, irritability is something that you can control partially. When there are people around you who are irritating you, simply learn to accept that others are not you, you cannot control how they act, and your irritations are yours to own and not to act on. Simply breathe and talk yourself out of lashing out. Remind yourself that it is probably your anxiety that it causing you to feel irritable. 

Strategies to help

The following are 5 important strategies or tips, that may not stop the irritability, but it may help to reduce the amount that you and those around you suffer, as a knock on effect of being irritable. 

1. Figure out the root cause 

2. Get some perspective  

3. Relieve yourself of nervous energy  

4. Try and reduce both caffeine and alcohol consumption 

5. Try and be honest with yourself about what is bothering you.

I found, through trial and error, that to rid myself of all irritability I had to work on my own anxiety levels. I worked hard to ascertain the root causes of it, to do the work on myself (in order to free myself from the burden of always feeling anxious) and to slowly dissipate all anxiety by finally letting go! If you are suffering from irritability, and feel that it is becoming out of control, with no idea of where or how to start, then please do not hesitate to contact me. Make the choice, dear reader, and start your self-healing journey with me today.

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