Let’s learn to empower each other

To empower. What does this mean to you and how do we do this for one another?  It contains the word ‘power’, and so what feelings are conjured up, for you, upon reading this word? 

For me it is as simple as this. I believe that for me to be empowered, I have to be my authentic self. To do this I have to own every decision and every action that I choose to make on a daily basis. I have to believe in me and all that I have to offer the world so that others will believe and trust in me too. Believe me when I say, that this does not come overnight, it takes time, effort and understanding of yourself.

Take a look at yourself

First you must look at yourself and recognise what it means to be authentic. To do so, ask yourself these questions; Who am I underneath all of my doubts, my fears? and any insecurities that I may have? How do I picture myself growing within the next five years? Who do I want to be? How do I wish to be projected out into the world? Being ‘true’ to self is the key to change and ultimately, empowerment. Every woman deserves to experience being empowered and to do this you must feel truly confident about who you are. 

A limiting and very negative belief, that many of us women hold, is that only certain women can do this right? Well ‘no’, we can all learn to feel more empowered and in turn help other women around ourselves to achieve the same. Take a bold step forward, after all it is all in your mind and actions. Those you matter, around you, will support you and yet you will notice that others will try and stop you out of both fear and envy. Do not be swayed by these women.

To authentically step into who we are as women is like shouting to the world that we do believe in what we have to offer and therefore, so should others. Each and every woman reading this, can be an empowered woman. It will take work, but it will be worth it. Try some of the following to start your journey of empowerment. If you are already feeling that you are there, then how about stepping out and suggesting the following ideas to fellow women within your own community. 

Empower others

Let us learn right here and now how to empower others, with these few ideas;

  • Learn to love yourself in the mirror and accept that you are beautiful just the way God created you!
  • Choose to only let those people in, around you, who are treating you as an equal.
  • Say no to people, when you really are not able to commit.
  • Learn to defend yourself – it is very empowering to know that you are able to protect yourself, should the situation ever arise.
  • Stand up for yourself – it is okay to speak out for what is right and true.
  • Set standards in you love life – Don’t be dating, so not to be alone. You are in control of who you choose to be with, and remember you are not defined by the status of your relationship.

Be responsible for you and your growth. Choose to commit to educating and inspiring yourself, those around you, and the future generations on how to become empowered as a woman.

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