5 supplements I would recommend and why?

What you decide to put into your body, really all depends on your individual goals at that time. If you are going for training strength gains, the supplements you focus on will differ greatly from those taken to calm stress, anxiety and to promote the health of your skin.

I am constantly reading, learning and writing down information about current supplements and those ‘on trend’, to help my training and health needs. I firmly believe in changing your supplement routine to match your body needs, at any given time in your life. However, I am an advocate that supplements ‘add to’ and do not ‘replace’ a healthy diet full of whole foods that are nutritious, alongside regular exercise and essential, quality sleep. All of which are pivotal to my health journey to date.

As I approach my 40thbirthday year, I decided to make 2019 my ultimate ‘health and wellbeing’ year. I aim to focus on those ingredients needed to maintain my calm demeanour and balanced nature, so that I can help my clients whilst staying mentally, physically and emotionally well myself.

The following are five supplements that I aim to take in 2019, why they will be beneficial to me and why they might be helpful for you too:

Top of my list is MAGNESIUM, as it is so versatile, I simply LOVE it! 

I have some very busy days, helping clients, which I am happy with. However at times, near the end of the day, my mind can still be racing when it is supposed to be winding down in preparation for sleep. Magnesium is great for combating against everyday stressors, chilling my mind, and for aiding my aching muscles, due to any training (or teaching fitness classes) that I may have done that day. So for me Magnesium is a must! 

VITAMIN D is essential.

I have had many clients come to me describing symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. Our lack of sun exposure and diets are to blame for many of us being at risk of deficiency. We need Vitamin D for nearly all body functions, so to be deficient in it, is not good! It helps both our musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system, to name a few. So if you enjoy training and maintaining your fitness, Vitamin D must be an essential supplementation for your body. You can make this an easy daily ritual by adding a few drops of it to your morning drink, as liquid droppers are pretty inexpensive and do last some time. Take a look at VitaminD/K2 Liquid, by Thorne, as it comes highly recommended.

KRILL OIL opposed to Cod Liver Oil.

I personally feel both have their benefits, and for me it is simply a personal preference. I personally choose Krill oil, over Cod Liver, but it is more expensive. However, I have been known to revert back to Cod Liver oil when I have been unable to afford the Krill option, and wanted to combat any skin outbreaks. During this time, I always opt for Fermented Cod Liver oil as it works the best for the skin.

Krill oil has many health benefits. It is a highly absorbable source of Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, all of which contribute to the normal functioning of the heart, and helps to maintain ‘normal’ blood pressure/blood triglyceride levels. Krill are actually red in colour, and this ‘red’ represents a powerful antioxidant, called astaxanthin, which they contain. Astaxanthin is good for our health and wellbeing. Our NHS highly recommends us eating two portions of fish a week, one being from oily fish. If you don’t get the chance to eat oily fish, I would highly suggest investing in Krill oil sourced from the cold Antarctic waters and certified by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council).

LEAN GREENS, a green powder to help combat a lack of green veggies in your daily diet.

It is best to get FRESH green veggies into your daily diet, as they are jam packed with micronutrients, phytonutrients, a variety of antioxidants, as well as being low in calories and high in both water and fibre. However, even though I am an avid advocate of this some of my personal training clients struggle with getting greens in at least twice a day. If this is the case then a green powder, such a ‘Lean Greens’, is a convenient way of getting in what the body needs for its optimal health. I was sent this product to trial and review it. Watch this space for a future blog dedicated to LEAN GREENS. If I know I cannot get my twice a day fix of greens, then I will add a scoop of Lean Greens to a smoothie or even just mix with water to get it in. 

BIRCH water to supplement your intake of water.

Once a fortnight, according to my affordability, I will purchased some birch water, as I know how beneficial it will be for my body. Birch water is known to aid in clearer, brighter skin, to help lower any cholesterol you may have, to reduce arthritic joint pain and to clear the body of toxins and thereby reducing the livers workload – it’s a win, win situation all round. Birch water has anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. 

On top of the five supplements above, I do need to make sure I include enough protein in my diet this year. My feeling is to keep it as clean as possible. Many of us meet our protein needs when we consume protein in the form of animal meat or plants. Protein powders in my humble opinion should only be used when all else fails or as a convenient ‘add on’ when you are busy. Please feel free to add any comments and any thoughts you may have or recommendations of the supplements you intend to take this year.

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