Workout tips for when you are travelling

When I am travelling around, even though I don’t have my ‘A-typical’ routine, I still don’t sacrifice my fitness regime. I always tend to factor in choices that are healthy, for every day that I am away on holiday or out of my normal routine.

I factor in everything; from what I eat, to how I work out and what recovery I will be getting. Try these following tips to help prevent a decline in your fitness whilst away over half term:

The famous ‘two day rule’ – It’s a good one to follow

Try hard to never let yourself go two days in a row without having a work out. This way you will never let your workout regime enter a downward spiral. If it is a case of not having anywhere to work out then 3 sets of 10 simple press-ups, on a daily basis, is better than nothing.

Lower your expectations

You will probably not be able to workout as you usually do whilst away. Please do not set expectations that are unrealistic, simply to do half of what you normally do, is better than not doing anything!

Take away the expectations

It’s not likely that you’ll be able to keep up your full workout regime while on vacation. So, don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Remember that accomplishing just 40 to 50 percent of what you normally do is better than nothing.

Plan your workouts, as best you can

However, if you are travelling for work over half term you will probably not have much time to sightsee. Perhaps just taking a walk or jog outside will allow you to check out the neighbourhood you are in to tour the city. 

Look online for fitness classes, whilst you are away

Find something to do near where you are staying, or failing that get out for a brisk 20-minute walk, daily, followed by some abdominal exercises.

Eat real food as best you can

Try to stay away from processed food as much as you can to help keep the calorie count down whilst you are away.  

Go for a run and explore

If you like to run, get an app on your phone that can use whilst you are away to keep your cardio going whilst on the road.

So whether you are off on holiday with your partner, family or friends, or you are unfortunate enough to be working away from home this half term then please try some of my tips above to keep your fitness on track. I would love to hear what worked, and what didn’t for you! Happy half term, wherever you are going!

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