Here is a little round-up post for 2018. I decided to write about all of my experiences before the year is out, to include where I went, lessons learnt and my achievements. I love to read a ‘year in review’, so I decided to write my own.

It is a bit more personal than the average post, and I figured it would allow me to further reflect on events of the year gone by, for myself as Lynne, as the owner of Purple Freesia Holistic Therapy. So let’s begin with scrolling back to January 1st2018:

A Big Indonesian Wedding

Such a blessing to be able to go back home to Bali to see my little sister moving forwards, in the next stage of her life. From the moment I landed, to when I left, I felt both at peace and very happy. A good friend of mine, Vaneesa offered me to stay with her in the run up to the wedding. She is the best hostess, very kind and a good friend to me. We shared many moments together prior to the ‘big day’ visiting hidden gems and sourcing out great places to eat, as we are both ‘foodies’. The Wedding was simply breathtaking. The entire ceremony from start to finish was out of this world! Very formal, colourful and long. Completely different to our western weddings in a church or a registry office. It was a great experience that I shall never forget and always hold dear in my heart and memories.

Girls on Tour, the ‘Reef’

The title says it all really, doesn’t it? Eight of us lovely ladies on a four night, five day trip to Tenerife. Known to us as the ‘Reef’. We enjoyed chill out time, relaxation and endless ‘bubbles’, as one does when it’s all-inclusive. The ‘Iberostar’ Las Dalias is well worth a visit. Great location, good food, clean rooms, a great pool and fantastic day/night-time entertainment. It was the break I needed from daily work and home life allowing the space to write lots of blogs for you all to read. 

Exploration of the Algarve

Alvor in Portugal was special. A rustic coastline with lots of pleasant scenery and boardwalks for miles and miles. A café embedded within an alcove, up the hillside. It was a delight and wonder in itself. The hotel had good facilities and the food was delicious, the outdoor pool was freezing but you soon felt alive once you ‘jumped’ in. That in itself was a true experience of ‘living in the moment’. Great place for couples and families alike, who are looking for a relaxing, quaint and picturesque get away.

Czech Republic Wedding

Such an experience, from start to finish. I’ve been to Prague before and done all the tourist things, but this trip was all about seeing the ‘real’ Czech Republic and experiencing the hospitality of an authentic Czech Hotel and that of the Grooms family. Such a beautiful country with such hospitable people. The Spa is very different to those at home here. Many go ‘naked’, feeling comfortable in their own skin, as after all it is all they have ever known. Such tranquillity and living in the moment, it was great to see and be a part of it. However, the English part of me made me somewhat prudish and restrained, and I found myself covering up and not joining in. Just to be witness to the freedom in such a way was an eye opener in itself. Every individual in the Spa, bar us tourists, were happy and content to be ‘naked’. I loved their air and grace of ‘knowing’, and loving, who they are in their own skins. A real beauty to watch.

Glow In The Park Charity Run

Great event with good friends. I really enjoyed taking part in this run. It was fun, eventful and a barrel of laughs! I would highly recommend participating in some charity work in 2019! It allows you to make new friends, to be with like-minded people and to allow you to step out of your comfort zone! I am currently looking at taking part in the Jurassic Coast Mighty Hike 2019, I just need to book it and confirm my charity of choice. What intentions will you set this year to help others?

Other Successes (and failures)

What else has happened to me in 2018?

  • Got into running for the first time ever in my life, and I got my head back into swimming, after a long journey of trying since January 2018. I had suffered a ‘reactive’ depressive episode in 2010 and once recovered, nearly four years later, I had no awareness that it had taken away my ability to put my head under water during front crawl. In January of this year I tried to get back into swimming, with much frustration and angst. Whenever I put my head under the water, my breathing would instantly become erratic and I would panic and bolt out of the water. About six weeks ago, after trying month after month and wanting to give up, whilst others watched me in the pool quite strangely, something finally clicked and I was able to ‘relax’ and just ‘be’ in the water again. I didn’t push myself. I took it slowly and went with the flow, knowingly adding no pressure on myself to perform to a certain standard or level, because I am just so thankful I can swim again! That in itself after over ten months of trying, is such a huge achievement. It took small steps, which finally added up. It all started with positive set intentions.
  • I successfully completed the second year of my business, Purple Freesia Integrated Therapies. I   enjoyed meeting and helping others to learn how to self-heal and to fix biomechanical flaws. It is a shame that this quarter of the year has not allowed much time to update my skills, as I had lots of work that kept me busy. However, I am currently setting my intentions for some Sports and Remedial CPD during Spring 2019! I am buzzing about the year of learning ahead!
  • I failed to train and take part in a triathlon, due to work and home life commitments, but I am going to rectify that in 2019! ‘Santa’ kindly gifted me with a Garmin training watch. Excited is an understatement! 

I have no idea where 2019 will take me, even though I’ve set my intentions, but I hope you’ll join me for the ride! And so, a huge thank you to each and every one of you for taking the time to read my blogs and follow me on Instagram and Facebook during 2018. You’re all so wonderful! 

Now tell me, what’s your best memory from 2018? 

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