What confidence means to me

When I was under sixteen years of age, fear of failure used to hold me back from pursuing my dreams; as well as other people opinions, which had a similar effect on me. I needed some self-confidence, and a lack of such really disabled me during my younger years.

Today at 39 years of age, what confidence means to me is to feel at peace, in my own skin and to feel positive in everything that I do. To simply be myself in whatever setting, or with whomever I am around and to feel completely contented at any one moment.

This did not come overnight; it took an understanding of myself and some proactive work on my part to gain that feeling of trust within myself and to have a firm belief in who I am. Confidence has to be developed over time and nurtured by self, as you would anything else that is important to you! You are not born with it or gain it from nowhere. I believe that you develop, grow into and become confident by working on this aspect of yourself.

How to build confidence?

I love who I am. That’s not arrogance that’s an acceptance of who I am and that I am worthy. To build confidence, I tend to focus on what makes me feel good about myself, be it going to the gym, baking, seeing friends, hiking, helping a client to learn to heal themselves, the list really is endless. The tip here is to try doing the things that make you feel good about yourself, starting a chain reaction in your own life. Surround yourself with the people who do the same and watch your confidence grow and grow.

What do I do to help build my confidence?

I live in love, not in fear. I overcome my fears by challenging anything in my life that makes me feel scared. Upon completion of a ‘scary’ task, I reflect on it and instantaneously I can feel how much more confident I am in such a situation.

When life takes a turn downhill, and usually out of nowhere, I talk to myself and reassure myself that I can, I will and I am able to cope and plough through. I literally have a chat to myself in the mirror and reassure myself that I can do it and that all will be well. I give myself the confidence through believing in myself. I use quotes like “She believe she could and so she did” “I can, I will, I am able”as a mantra in my head during the days and times that are a challenge to me.

Next Steps for me?

Adopt a strategy to help you feel stronger each day both mentally and physically. Simply put: do what makes you feel positive, strong and confident each and every day that you are blessed to be on Earth. Be ready to feel confidence grow and to progress in your own time. After all we are all individuals and there is no real time scales here. I just ask that you be kind in your quest for confidence. Try not to feel disheartened, and beat yourself up with a stick, if and when you don’t reach a target / goal in life. Any further help and guidance I am happy to be of assistance.

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