Battle of the fat loss

In the UK millions of pounds are being spent on products claiming to help you lose weight, slim down and look fab.

Did you know? Statistically speaking 90% of those dieting in the UK will ultimately end up regaining the weight they’ve lost, plus gain a few pounds within a year of commencing their battle of fat loss.

How disheartening to think that most young girls/women go and try at least one diet in their lifetime (only to fail time and time again). Let me be frank with all of you reading this blog, a diet is a short term solution to a long term problem. As a holistic health practitioner, I advocate making a lifestyle change, aligned to one’s individual biology/biomechanics, to achieve fat loss as a solution longterm. Detoxifying as a first line of defence against the fat helps too. I’ve learnt over many years visiting Indonesia, and other Asian countries, that the Eastern world have it sussed. The biggest factor to this being that they eat cleaner goods than we do in the Western world.

Just think, everytime you eat something that contains additives, preservatives or chemicals, ‘toxins’ are taken in and stored by the body automatically; as a protective function.

Unfortunately our bodies, in a default setting, are designed to protect us even when we don’t want help.

Did you know?

Fat as a tissue acts as an endocrine organ. It produces some dangerous hormones, sugars and cortisol leading to insulin resistance. This insulin resistance causes unwanted weight gain and leptin resistance, which signals an uncontrollable appetite. At this point, the body becomes unable to efficiently burn fat any further due to the accumulation of toxins that our bodies have stored in the fat cells. This toxin build up is a direct result of our choice to consume processed foods. We cause our own problems of fat gain.

Maybe you have had a personal trainer (PT), lost weight and have reached a plateau. Change the cycle. I love to engage with my PT clients regarding the foods they are choosing to consume, so stop the vicious cycle and choose to eat ‘cleaner’. After all you are a representation of the foods you consume and so a fat loss plan I believe must include training, a lifestyle change to ensure toxins are not stored within fat cells (making them stubborn to shift).

In short, there are no short cuts to achieving a leaner body, only proper nutrition, the right living and a PT like me who has the knowledge and integrity to truly help. If you have been reading this and feel I may be the right PT to help you, then please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a consultation.

We only get one life, so be sure to live it right and for you! You are worthy of your wellbeing, health and vitality Ladies and Gentleman, so make that change starting today!

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