My beach bag essentials

It’s summer holiday time, but have you got everything you need? Here’s what will be in my beach bag…

Bollé sunglasses

Fantastic sunglasses for active people like myself but they also so a lifestyle collection. Their product list is dreamy and all sunglasses come in sturdy cases so you can throw these in your beach bag and not worry about scratches!


SunSense lotion

SunSense has a range of high factor sunscreens for everyone, including those in high-risk groups such as children, babies, skin cancer patients and eczema sufferers. I would definitely recommend it to those people who burn quite easily and it’s so easy to apply (not thick like other brands!) – a must for your beach bag!


Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream

This is a god send to help your skin heal from sunburn. It moisturises and soothes and repairs the skin.

£26 from

Amazonas UK Flip Flops

These eco-friendly flip flops are a must for this summer. Comfortable, kind to the environment (completely biodegradable) and some really fun designs!

Jungle Formula Aerosol Spray Maximum

Arm yourself against mozzies if you’re going to a malaria hotspot and put this in your beach bag. This one is recommended by the WHO

£9.99 for 150ml, Boots.


Squirrel Sisters

Delicious snacks to fill you up when you start feeling peckish on the beach. Cacao brownie is my favourite! 


Beach Bag

This is an essential to put all the above items in! I always want to make sure I’ve got a big enough bag to carry my phone, a good book and all the other items and this one definitely ticks the box as well as being fun and fashionable.

Market Pom Pom Basket, £35

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