How to reset your fitness if you’ve stopped seeing results

reset your fitness

Since the age of eighteen I have always been into my fitness and wellbeing and over the years I have experienced one or two ‘plateau’ moments within my fitness regimes.  At times, even when my training had not changed at all, I stopped getting fitter and leaner and could no longer see progression. Immediately I knew I’d reached a ‘plateau’.

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Teach your mind to help you achieve your goals

We all have to start somewhere with our goals, and this is usually as a seed, an idea. I personally tend to start the process by thinking about what I wish to achieve and then working back, to break it down into smaller incremental steps. The power of the mind is such that you can use its positivity to easily turn an idea, a goal, into fruition. I consciously train my mind for success, and I am forever reading on the matter to find the new trend/idea to do just this.

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