Reflection of 2020 and how to make 2021 a positive year to come

Did you start your 2020 with lots of goals and plans for an exciting and different year to any other? Did you say to yourself “2020 is my year?” Well, many of my clients did exactly this and are now battling with a year of crushed hopes and dreams and blaming Covid-19 for their lack of achievements and reaching their goals.

I can wholeheartedly agree that 2020 has been one hell of a roller coaster ride and that all my plans took a very different ‘turn’ thanks to the covid-19 pandemic. However, the virus did not stop me from making plans and achieving goals, it just forced me to reassess the goals I had previously set myself and to realign them to the world we were living in at the time.

Let us use these last few days of 2020, in the lead up to New Year, to try a different approach to the start of 2021. I believe that there is huge value in self-reflective practice. I teach my Wellness coaching clients all about it, so let us give this a go together right now. When we take time out of the ‘rat race’ life and just sit and be still, one can use self-reflection to ascertain one’s strengths and weaknesses. This in turn is a positive step towards a better self, and the year ahead, as you can use this information to pave a direction forward for 2021. Having direction and a sense of purpose is what keeps many of us sane, so to join me in this exercise will be a ‘win, win’.

So, I ask you to have a look at the reflective questions below. These are questions for you to ask yourself before 2021 kicks off, so you have some idea of what you want from the year ahead. Irrespective of any perceived obstacles on route, like Covid-19.

Are you ready with a journal of some sort, a pen, and a cuppa? If so, let us begin:

  1. How has Covid-19 changed the way I view my life?
  2. How did I manage my finances this year? What can I do to help this in 2021?
  3. Who am I grateful for in 2020? Who do I need to Thank for being there for me?

This has been a challenging year for many. Try to think of people who supported or inspired you. It can be a work colleague or a friend/family member

  1. What am I feeling blessed about?
  2. Do I have any career goals I can set for 2021?
  3. Are there any negative habits that I wish to leave behind in 2020?
  4. What can I do to help others as we go into an unknown 2021?
  5. What new and positive habits can I adopt for the year ahead?

My thoughts…….

At times planning like this helps to set achievable goals. However, as we have seen this year sometimes the year ahead may disappoint and not be how we predicted. This is ‘okay’, as change is the one thing that is always guaranteed in life, bar birth, and death. So, we must learn to embrace and know how to deal with ‘change’. In saying this, there is positivity in preparing yourself some goals to smash in the coming year, come what may! You can always change them or ‘modify’ them, as I have done so this year to still achieve something, rather than ending 2021 knowing you could have done more.

If you are struggling with the changing world we live in, feeling lost, and need direction I am here as your Wellness coach to help you with the mental aspect of accepting and dealing with CHANGE. You are never alone, and help is at hand always here at Purple Freesia. I wish to take this opportunity to wish you all an exciting NEW YEAR ahead. Do not let us being in make you feel sombre, instead, change the way you view the world – glass half full! So, how will you be celebrating?

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