How can sports massage complement other therapies?

Sports massage is so good for relieving muscle tension and to address many muscular injuries and or imbalances. It can be a great aid. It is used in a complementary role to other therapies such as physiotherapy and osteopathy. Sports massage can greatly increase recovery.

Sports and remedial massage therapy combines muscular work with rehabilitation to combine two treatment types – Sports massage and Physiotherapy. This is one of the main reasons I trained in and have provided Sports and Remedial sessions for over 15 years to date!

Sports massage can really complement other therapies, when used in the right way. It can be used to alleviate pain, to help the process of repair and to aid in restful sleep whilst reducing mental stress.

Sports massage can help to make sure that everything is moving correctly and functioning as intended. Disruptions to sleep can occur when experiencing pain from the condition you are having treated.

Sports massage can help a lot of people with sleeping difficulties, pain induced, to enable them to get a good night’s sleep. This therapy is so good at complementing others and can be used alongside another or by itself to get a body back to being ‘pain free’.

One can really benefit from combing regular massage with another treatment from an osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor. Sports massage uses different techniques to these therapies, but the end goal is the same; to get you to a state of ‘pain free’ and free from injury, amongst other things. If you have two professionals working on the same concern, using different techniques, they are likely to complement each other and boost your recovery.

My clients benefit from a ‘one stop shop’, so to speak. As the UK’s only Integrated Therapist, I am able to work on the muscular, skeletal and myofascial systems to aid recovery from injury. A Sports massage therapist would benefit from referring clients to an osteopath when the skeletal system is misfiring, a physio to work on ‘imbalances’ and a myofascial specialist for the rest.

Here at Purple Freesia Integrated Therapies I can provide you with all. My aim is to help clients to become ‘pain free’ and balanced, with minimal sessions. Please get in touch to arrange a massage appointment.

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