Goal setting for 2020 – the do’s and don’ts

All so often we just seem to drift along in life, trying to get through the daily grind of work, running a household, and dreaming of the next holiday without any real direction. What if you were shown that there is a better way to get all you want in life, by goal setting.

Sometimes just the smallest incremental steps can create the much needed positive ripple effect of change in your life. Whatever has been and gone in the past decade, let it go! Learn to trust in you and your innate abilities to achieve anything you put your mind, body, and soul to.

Like a rule book, there are many things to consider. So let me guide you as best I can to the way I like to set intentional, life-changing goals. In such a busy, fast-paced life it can be extremely difficult to allocate time to goal setting and to stick to them. However, anyone wishing to succeed in life will need to succumb to goal setting. Without them, you will inherently lack focus, direction and control of where your life goes year by year, decade by decade. Benchmarking and accountability are vital to the goal-setting formula, that I use for my own life.

On the whole, it is a process. I start by considering what I want to achieve, and then I put in a lot of hard work to do just this, achieve! Along the way, I have some very well defined steps, specific to the ultimate end goal, that I use to keep me on track, focused and alert.

The things to do

  • Set goals that actually motivate you!
  • Write your goals down on paper.
  • Make an action plan – Put in place small incremental steps to achieving small chunks of the ultimate goal on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Tell someone your goal(s). Check-in with them on a daily/weekly basis to make sure you are accountable. This way you will be more likely to succeed, not to deviate from the plan and will have the support needed to achieve.
  • Decide how you will track your progress
  • Reward all successes, small incremental ones, and the end product.

The things to avoid

  • Keep using excuses to start on your journey.
  • Do not focus on too many things at once.
  • Do not forget to set a deadline for the end goal – finished product.
  • Leave perfection out of this – and room for failure to then grow and succeed.
  • Do not do it alone – get your friends and or family involved to help motivate.

If you are anything like me, you will wish to structure your goal setting. If you would like more help, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. We can spend time during a life coaching session formulating your plan to achieve all your desires!

Make this new decade about you and achieving your wildest dreams, after all, what the mind believes the body will achieve, and vice versa.

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