Teach your mind to help you achieve your goals

We all have to start somewhere with our goals, and this is usually as a seed, an idea. I personally tend to start the process by thinking about what I wish to achieve and then working back, to break it down into smaller incremental steps. The power of the mind is such that you can use its positivity to easily turn an idea, a goal, into fruition. I consciously train my mind for success, and I am forever reading on the matter to find the new trend/idea to do just this.

I love to read and I recently revisited a book that I read over 5 years ago called ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. He describes ‘autosuggestion’ as a process in which we affect, and influence, our own subconscious. Did you know that on a daily basis, we are all programming ourselves unconsciously, so why not find a way to control this process to help achieve all you desire?

How do I train my subconscious to be positive?

I use ‘autosuggestion’ to change my mindset, and I am challenging you to try it.

Money is something that most of us would love to have more of, so why not learn to have an abundant mindset towards money. How do you do this Lynne? Imagine that in this moment of time you are sat thinking about all the bills you have too pay, and the thoughts are ever spiralling and getting you down as to how you will achieve this. What if I told you that with consistency, you can change your mindset and outcome to your money worries. Sounds good right? Well, it will take a little of your time, on a day basis, and make use of visualisation techniques and the formation of positive emotions. You can do this!


Try imagining that you have just looked at your bank balance and it contains a lot of money. You are in the positive, and not the red. How would you feel to see such a thing? I personally would feel so happy and worry free. I would be thinking about all the bills I could pay, and what I could do with the rest of the money left over. Imagine the detail and what you would feel and do in this situation, feel the emotions surrounding it. The trick here is that your emotions link your hidden subconscious to your conscious thoughts. So if you choose to think and feel the positive bank balance then the quicker you will train your thoughts to believe what you have just spent your time visualising. If you choose to repeat this little exercise on a daily basis you will notice that your ‘essence’ (gut) reaction to money changes. You would have succeeded in changing your subconscious by using ‘autosuggestion’.

In essence, I firmly believe that I will achieve all I am visualizing, and connecting to with positive emotions. This can be coined as ‘intention manifestation’, whereby you put all of your focus positively on a subject and use this tool to psychologically manipulate ones subconscious (helping you to achieve your goals).

Start today

Try to teach your mind to achieve any goal you set, by believing that you will have what you are visualising and placing all your positive mindset to. If you are able, follow this technique, as much as you want, with whatever you like. Even the silliest of goals, you will see it is life changing!

I would love to hear what you set as a goal, and the outcome of my suggested techniques.

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