Sports massage for common injuries and conditions 

In my world as an Integrated Therapist, I use Sports and Remedial massage techniques daily to aid in the relief of several common injuries and conditions. There are many injuries that Sports Massage can help with. Such as sprains, strains and muscle tears, to name a few.

On a daily basis I am met with many varying conditions and complaints, such as a multitude of Back issues, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis and Golfers elbow, Repetitive strain Injury (RSI) and migraines. I use a variety of specialised Sports massage techniques to stretch out tightness, to loosen muscles and to decrease any scar tissue that may have formed during a long standing injury or condition.

Recovery times, post an injury, will vary from person to person. I try to reassure my clients and use other techniques to reduce their stress, as it can be a very frustrating time for the client. Sports massage is great at reducing recovery time and I do this daily by working on injured muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin. This inevitably results in increased flexibility and blood flow to the injured area. I love using Sports massage for clients who are experiencing trauma, as I know that massage therapy can promote relaxation and will reduce the anxiety and stress within my client. This is a ‘Win, Win’ for me, as this too aids in the overall healing process and rebalancing of my clients wellbeing.

Let me endeavour to share just a few samples of the many types of conditions that can be treated using massage therapy:


This pain is a result of the sciatic nerves, situated in the lower back being either trapped, pinched or irritated. I aim to loosen the muscles that may be entrapping the sciatic nerve to relieve pain and prevent symptoms from continuing to occur.


Your back can be injured from pressure being added to the spinal muscles, simply from sitting too long. Back pain can also occur due to poor posture, an accident in a motor vehicle or simply from your feet pronating (collapsed arches). I use my massage therapy to target the specific area of injury, to release muscles. I then use my remedial training to advise on rehabilitation moves to strengthen the already weakened muscles to get you to become ‘pain free’.

Rotator cuff

At times there is no choice but to operate or to conduct key hole surgery for meniscus tears and to help repair the Gleno-humeral joint. This should be a last port of call and I implore anyone reading my blog, with any shoulder issues, to come and see me first. This is rrespective of a consultants involvement, as time and time again I fix and help my clients to become ‘pain free’ without the use of cortisone injections and surgery. I use my massage therapy to reduce scar tissue that is causing the ‘pain’ and is usually a result of injury to the muscle. Those who have had to embark on shoulder surgery come to see me to reduce the scar tissue which forms as a result of surgery itself. I can reduce post-surgery pain levels to promote faster healing of the shoulder.

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