Why you crave certain foods

Ever wondered why you may crave certain foods? Well today I will explain what each craving could mean for you…

If you crave chocolate, believe it or not you are deficient in Magnesium. Try to incorporate some nuts seeds, veggies and fruit into ones daily eating regime to help combat this.

Craving bread, pasta and other carbohydrates may indicate that your body needs Nitrogen. In this instance eat high protein foods such as meat, oily fish, nuts, beans and chia seeds (for all the vegans out there).

Salty food craving may indicate a need for either silicon/chloride. You can get both nutrients from oily fish, cashews, its, seeds and goats milk.

A need for oily foods may mean a calcium imbalance. Drink/or increase your consumption of organic milk, cheese and green leafy veg.

A continuous craving of sugary foods can indicate one of 5 nutrient deficiencies. The first being Sulphur – make sure that you incorporate cabbage, cauliflower, cranberries into your diet. Secondly Chromium – eat broccoli, chicken and grapes. Thirdly the culprit may be Carbon – so be sure to include fruits. Phosphorus deficiency can bring on a craving for sugary foods, so eat chicken, eggs, grains, nuts, veggies and oily fish. The last deficient nutrient may in fact be Tryptophan. If so, plan to increase cheese, spinach, sweet potato and raisin consumption.

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