How can a sports massage help a frozen shoulder?

If you have a shoulder that is painful, stiff, and nigh on impossible to move, then chances are you have a frozen shoulder. Sports massages, along with being given the right stretching exercises, are extremely beneficial for treating frozen shoulder pain.

How can sports massage help?

Sports massages are known to relieve muscular tension and tightness. By doing so it helps the muscles to relax, simultaneously restoring the mobility and function of the shoulder. The blood flow to the affected area will be improved to help reduce any inflammation.

Did you know that when I carry out a sports massage I am also improving your lymph circulation? This in turn flushes out waste products and creates better cell nutrition.

Massaging the shoulder will inevitably increase the temperature of the muscles to aid the relaxation that the stiff muscles will be seeking. An additional bonus to having a sports massage is that it will also reduce any stress in your body. A fantastic extra benefit of choosing a sports massage, over other therapies, to aid a frozen shoulder.

What is a quick solution to help heal a frozen shoulder?

I would initially take some anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen (dependant on your pain levels, so please check with your G.P), to decrease the swelling.

I would then apply an ice pack, of some description, to the shoulder for 10-15 minutes at a time. I would repeat this several times a day. This is to help with the pain whilst aiding in the reduction of swelling.

Following 48-72 hours, I would seek to see a Sports and Remedial therapist, like myself, to help with the rest of the recovery process.

Overall, I highly recommend a sports massage as a really good option for helping your frozen shoulder. It will relieve the soreness and stiffness, whilst increasing flexibility. This will give your shoulder less chance for future injury.

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